Offbeat Roguelite ‘TumbleSeed’ Coming to Nintendo Switch, Steam, PS4

Roll, roll, roll your seed, gently up the mountain.

TumbleSeed is an upcoming roguelike that stars a humble seed, who is on a mission to scale a procedurally generated mountain and save its home. Players control a vine and must ensure the seed doesn’t fall into any holes, or else you fall to the bottom of the mountain and need to start over. It’s been described as “The Dark Souls of marble rolls”, suggesting that the dual-stick action balance game’s difficulty level will definitely be future talking point. So far, the developers have revealed there will be five different levels, more than 30 powers to acquire and master, and a daily challenge to complete with friends.

Steeped in layers of synthwave audio, TumbleSeed’s trailer communicates a very alternative, eighties kind of vibe. Check it out below: 

There are a also few powers players can manipulate along the way:

  • ThornSeed – This is your default attack from the start, you always have it. It’s tough to use and is a bit of a risk, but in the right hands sometimes it’s all you need.
  • SpringSeed – Sometimes things get a little too hot and you have to escape. SpringSeed lets you fly above danger so you can settle somewhere safer. It also pairs well with dangerous offensive seeds like BombBud, Maneater, LaserTrap and more!
  • StormSeed – Holes are everywhere in TumbleSeed. StormSeed calls down a rain cloud and fills in holes with buckets of rain water. It’s another seed that pairs well with dangerous offensive seeds like MaceSeed, ThornThrowers and more!

TumbleSeed is expected to release soon for Nintendo Switch, PC (Steam) and PlayStation 4.

Source: TumbleSeed