Lead Designer Opens Up on How BioWare Dealt with Mass Effect Andromeda’s Criticism

BioWare are aware of Mass Effect Andromeda’s launch criticism.

BioWare’s latest entry in the Mass Effect franchise, Mass Effect Andromeda, wasn’t received very well at launch. However, since then, the studio released patches to fix some of the main issues such as weird face and eye glitches.

Mass Effect Andromeda‘s Lead Designer Ian Frazier was featured in a recent interview with IBTimes UK where he discussed how the development team and the people over at BioWare handled the criticism Andromeda received once it released.

I won’t speak for the other guys, but I spent quite a bit of my time on Twitter and various forums and such. And I won’t lie, it’s hard. It’s hard to see the criticisms, some of the challenges that are out there.

It’s difficult because we do want to help, so you’re out on Twitter and forums and stuff trying to troubleshoot issues or give people a hint on something they’re struggling with. But to do that, to help the fans and try to absorb the feedback to better steer what we do next, you have to wade through a lot of crap. And that part is not a lot of fun.

However, Frazier continued to express his gratitude towards fans being passionate and caring about the franchise.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t enjoy the occasional gut punch, but on balance I think it’s really valuable that things have gone this way. Our ability to get feedback from fans on such a broad spectrum is great.

What do you think of Andromeda so far? How many hours have you sunk into its universe?