Disruptor Beam Quietly Reveals ‘Council System’ for The Walking Dead: March To War

Bridging the gap: The Council System is designed to connect the graphic novels with the game.

Mobile developer Disruptor Beam has just outlined one of the key mechanics to be featured in upcoming multiplayer title The Walking Dead: March To War. In a fresh Q&A interview, Senior Game Designer Michael Leoncavallo explained the significance of ‘The Council System’, which prevents players from sending any Survivors out into the world unless they’re led by a Council Member first.

At heart, The Walking Dead: March To War is a story driven strategy game that tasks players with building alliances and competing against rivals in a resource depleted world. The importance of Council Members is paramount since they are responsible for leading each raiding party players send out to fight; Since each Council Member excels at different abilities, whoever you choose can influence how fast your party moves across the map, gathers resources, and even whether you emerge victorious in a battle. Disruptor Beam plans to launch the game with 12 Council Members, with 11 of them being well-known characters from the graphic novels.  

The Walking Dead: March To War is expected to release sometime in 2017 for iOS and Android devices.