This is Why Nintendo Is Charging You For It’s Online Service

Customer satisfaction a top priority for Nintendo.

Pissed off that Nintendo is hoping on the cash train by asking players to pay for their online subscription? Well, rightfully so, you should be, but there is a reason other than raking in that extra dollar:

Speaking to Famitsu, Nintendo’s managing executive officer, Shinya Takahashi said that Nintendo is charging for the online service so that they can maintain it and keep providing new services. He also said that Nintendo is extremely concerned with customer satisfaction and so the company aims at providing the best possible service for gamers – that being said, to maintain such a service it takes money – so Nintendo has decided to take to the public to assist with the cost.

“We decided to charge for the service because we are concerned with customer satisfaction,” said Takahasi. “We’ll be maintaining the online service and providing new services that we haven’t had up until now, and there are costs associated with those.”

“We’d also like to maintain a stable playing experience and provide proper support. We are working to prepare all of the features until the service begins in the fall of 2017, and details on the service will be available at a later time.”