Mass Effect 3 to Have More DLC After Omega

Community Manager confirms

BioWare officially announced the long suspected "Omega" DLC back in September, around the same time BioWare creators Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk left the games industry.

The announcement came less than a month after the well-received Leviathan single-player DLC was released, though fans had previously found files for the Omega DLC in Mass Effect 3's game files. BioWare has been releasing a steady stream of multiplayer DLC since Mass Effect 3 released, but despite the controversy surrounding the game and having to allegedly push back the DLC timetable to complete the extended cut, they are prepared to keep the single player DLC moving along.

In response to a tweet by a fan asking how long will Mass Effect 3 be supported with DLC, community representative Chris Priestly responded that it was unknown but that there was definitely more DLC coming after Omega.

After the revelations that Leviathan brought and finally getting to employ violence with Aria in taking back Omega, where could the new DLC go? What issues did Mass Effect 3 leave unresolved besides everything that happened after the ending? Or do you believe they might actually attempt a post-war DLC, despite the fate of some fan's characters? Let us know by commenting below.