Rumor: Sonic Runners Adventure Leaked

Brand new Sonic mobile game is in the works?

Sonic Runners released back in 2015 for the mobile platform though you’ll find that the servers for the title have since been shutdown. Overall, the video game was not received favorably as an endless runner with several technical issues popping up that became more a hamper for gamers who might have enjoyed the title, to begin with.

Now it seems that the video game is receiving a sequel known as Sonic Runners Adventure. The video game was spotted by Sonic Retro after stumbling upon its support page from Gameloft. That page has since been taken down, although the publication managed to grab some of the changes noted to be included in the sequel.

Gamers can expect to see three different level types known as Finite, Looped, and Infinite, each will have players going through a specific level though depending on your mode, players may be going through the level in several laps to even completing a collection of goals before being able to continue on.

Special stages are also making an appearance and it seems that characters have been broken down into teams which include Hero, Chaotix, and Dark. It’s worth noting that all three will have their own unique skill which can be activated upon collecting three hundred rings.

Lastly, another point worth bringing up is that Sega has dropped the requirement for gamers to always be online to enjoy the video game. Instead, the game must connect online when starting it up for the first time while afterwards gamers can enjoy the title offline.

Currently, there is no word as to when the video game will be launching onto the mobile platform.