Don’t Starve Together: A New Reign Update Brings New Enemies

Check it out on Steam right now.

After months of beta testing, Don’t Starve Together: A New Reign is finally ready for a full release. It is out now on Steam for free, bringing with it new behemoths like the Toadstool and Bee Queen, a desert oasis, and some unsavory surprises that await spelunkers who dare explore the ruins.

Other changes that come with the update include:

  • Search the desert for new surprises shrouded by the Sandstorm in summer.
  • Pay tribute to the Antlion to prevent Sinkholes above ground and Cave-ins underground, as well as earn other rewards.
  • Added Desert Goggles, a must have when walking into a Sandstorm.
  • Added The Lazy Deserter, a magical device used for teleporting players to each other.
  • Added /sit and /squat emotes.
  • Discover the secret entrance to the new Atrium zone inside the Caves and unlock the mysteries lying deep within the Heart of the Ruins.
  • Ornate Chests can no longer be destroyed, and the Large Ornate Chest now contains better loot, including an Ancient Key.
  • The Shadow Atrium can now be used to resurrect Odd Skeletons. Results may vary, depending on where you attempt this dangerous ritual!
  • Ruins music is back!

Klei Entertainment also has a word of warning: “Please note that all the new content added as part of A New Reign will be automatically retrofitted into existing Worlds, but we cannot guarantee that this will be exactly the same as using a new Save Slot to generate a new World.”