The Wild Eight: Beyond The Door Update Introduces a Personal Bunker and Railway System

Another update helps to further expand the world of The Wild Eight.

Although The Wild Eight was released in Early Access on February 8th, the game was already fairly established in terms of content, which helped it accumulate positive feedback and give it a strong start.

Beyond The Door is a brand new update jam-packed with new adventures, add more depth to the story, and new gameplay mechanics.

Players will discover more of the secrets surrounding Vapor-3. There is a huge facility that waits amidst the frozen landscape that players can utilize as their own personal bunker with a working railway system. This may help to protect you from the furious beast that got unleashed on the world and will help you track him down later.

It’s strongly advised to unlock new skills and scavenge for new items before attempting to hunt this creature down.

Fntastic are indeed working hard towards a full release of The Wild Eight. The game has already established itself as unique when compared to other survival games by introducing quests and an emphasis on exploring, rather than staying in one place.

The Wild Eight: Beyond The Door releases tomorrow, April 7th.