PlayStation VR Headsets Will Soon Be Appearing In Arcades

You may soon see PlayStation VR headsets at your nearest arcade.

Depending on where you live, there may still be the local arcade which sports the latest cabinets to sink your quarters and dollars into. The video game industry has evolved making the home a place to really enjoy video games. However, it seems that VR may bring out a resurgence in the arcade industry.

Thanks to a report made by the Wall Street Journal, it seems that Sony will be unleashing their PlayStation VR headsets into arcades. A new location-based entertainment unit within Sony Interactive Entertainment will start to lead a virtual reality movement.

While VR is already slowly becoming a more mainstream entertainment hub for households, adding units within arcades may just help bring in more sales. That very well may be the driving force from Sony as they begin to seek out arcades along with VR arcades to showcase their product.

Of course one of the reasons that the PlayStation VR along with other VR headsets are facing slow sales is the fact that the units and technology at the current moment are still rather pricey. Consumers are paying hundreds of dollars, with the HTC Vive coming in at the top with a whopping $700 price tag.

As time goes on and these units come down in price, there may be a more driving force from the consumers to make the purchase. Regardless, having access to the technology in locations such as arcades may persuade some to pick up a unit for themselves

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