Original Final Fantasy XV and Kingsglaive Expansion Soundtrack Available for Just $1; Can’t be Accessed After June 18

Final Fantasy XV soundtrack available for just $1.

Square Enix has made the Final Fantasy XV and Kingsglaive expansion Final Fantasy XV soundtracks available for purchase through Sony’s PlayStation Store.

Each soundtrack is going for $0.99 USD/£0.79, and includes 15 tracks each. The soundtracks will be available for purchase until April 18. However, there is a little twist, even if you buy the soundtracks before the specified date, you can only enjoy listening to the tracks till June 18, then they become inaccessible. Here is a brief description of both and their respective sizes:

Final Fantasy XV Original Soundtrack Special Edition (3.7GB)

  • Final Fantasy XV is the latest installment of the franchise anticipated by players worldwide. Enjoy a new generation of the Final Fantasy world with its music, visuals and in-game scenes on PlayStation 4! This soundtrack will be available for a limited period of time only.

Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV Original Soundtrack Special Edition (391MB)

  • The Kingsglaive FFXV Original Soundtrack will be available for a limited period of time! Please enjoy this luxurious soundtrack application with a set of movie screenshots, character illustrations and overwhelming music!

What do you think of Square Enix making the tracks inaccessible after a certain date?