For Honor Blackout Stirred Ubisoft To Release New Post Update

Ubisoft offers more communication when it comes to For Honor.

You might recall our recent post in regards to For Honor. After the lack of communication between players and the development team, a boycott was scheduled for the game through Reddit. The post was gathering thousands of upvotes making the scheduled boycott something to take notice over at Ubisoft which apparently did the trick as the developers released a new blog post fixing some of the issues gamers were having.

“Greetings warriors! In our efforts to create a steady beat of communication updates for you, we are happy to introduce a new series of blog posts that keep you updated on the world of For Honor. This Week in For Honor will go live on our news page every week. This series will include updates from our development team, go more in depth about our designs, address some of your concerns and explain what the team is working on at the moment.”

One of the bigger issues that gamers were facing when it came to For Honor was Steel and the lack of it. Gamers requested that gathering Steel should be easier and not something that players would have to constantly spend money for.

Ubisoft’s latest blog post had revealed that Steel income has increased in a variety of ways. For instance, all Steel gained from matches will increase by 25%, Daily Orders has increased 33%, and lastly Side Orders will give an additional 50% extra Steel.

Outside of the Steel income, Ubisoft has also alerted gamers that the developers are working on balancing and global stability for the title. Several maps that have disappeared are being tweaked to avoid desync. Likewise, for the outage that occurred last Tuesday, gamers affected will be given a 3-Day Champions Status.

Currently, there is no word on if this boycott being scheduled on Reddit will still go through after this latest post from Ubisoft or not.