Mass Effect: Andromeda – All The Easter Eggs We’ve Found So Far

On PC, PS4 & Xbox One: There’s no escaping Easter eggs in a Bioware RPG, and there are plenty of secret references to check out in Andromeda.

Yes, Easter eggs are still a “thing” in video games, and as long as Bioware continues to unleash massive RPGs unto an unsuspecting world, they will continue to drop oblique references to alternate media, bring back fan favorite characters for cameos, and generally sneakily include whatever little jokes they want. Mass Effect: Andromeda is full of these tiny tidbits, and we’re here to point out some of the most interesting ones.

Already, fans have found a cameo by Liara T’Soni — which, while it isn’t exactly an “Easter egg” — it isn’t part of the main story. You’ll have to dig into those menus to uncover her, and she has a lot to say. Then there’s the obligatory references to other games published under the EA umbrella. We can only hope the space hamster returns for real, too.

All The Easter Eggs We’ve Found So Far

[Work-in-Progress: We’re still digging into the main game. Check back soon for new Easter eggs.]

The Space Hamster Returns

The Space Hamster is back! This pet, first
appearing in Mass Effect 2 and later reappearing in Mass Effect 3, is an obvious reference to Bioware’s original claim to fame — the Baldur’s Gate series.

  • In Baldur’s Gate, a character named Minsc can join your party. This fan-favorite weirdo comes equipped with his very own “miniature giant space hamster” named Boo. The same squeek sound-effect from those old RPGs returns in the Mass Effect series.

A pretty good way into the story, you’ll uncover the villain’s location. Before heading out, your crew (Drack) will tell Ryder about an annoying critter that’s running around inside the Tempest, causing problems and leaving a trail of crumbs in its wake.

  • To capture a space-pet…
    1. Go to the Cargo Bay and examine the nest.
    2. Select the “Trap” option and craft it.
    3. Place the trap in the Cargo Bay and leave the Tempest.
      • This may require travelling to a planet.
    4. Return to the Tempest and check your trap.
    5. Congratulations! You now have a pet.

The critter is kept in Ryder’s personal quarters on the Tempest. No, it doesn’t do anything, but its still a fun little inclusion.

Liara T’Soni Is Back! Kind of…

Starting all the way back in the first Mass Effect, Liara T’Soni has been a big part of the franchise, and she’s made an appearance (in some form) in each adventure. Starting off as a rookie archeologist, this fan-favorite crewmember evolved into a tough scientist and information broker by ME3.

And she’s back in Andromeda! Well, her voice actress is back, at the very least. Ryder et al can find audio logs left by Liara T’Soni. To find them, travel to the Nexus and explore the Habitation Deck. There’s a side-room with a massive computer terminal hooked up via wires in the ceiling.

  • To hear from Liara T’Soni…
    • Find the encrypted logs on the Nexus, in the Habitation Deck.
    • Interact with the terminal -> Go to General Logs -> Asari Archeologist -> Dr. Liara T’Soni
    • Select “Dr. T’Soni Message #1” and so on as they unlock.

Listen to the log starting right when audio begins with this video by Youtuber Random Chievo’s.

It’s nice hearing T’Soni’s familiar voice again, even if she doesn’t appear in Andromeda proper.

Plants Vs. Zombies On Deck!

We don’t always want to admit it, but the Mass Effect series falls under the umbrella of monolithic (and sometimes voted America’s Worst Company) publisher EA. One minor perk of that financial relationship is that Bioware, the developers of Mass Effect: Andromeda, get to include references to other EA mascots.

That’s a long, roundabout way of saying that Plants Vs. Zombies plushies are available for your viewing pleasure around the bunks of the Tempest. To spy them, go down the hall from the meeting room and slide down the ladder, then enter the door to your right to reach the Crew Quarters.

Image Source: [1]

There are a series of bunk beds here, and one of the beds is (kinda) hiding a pair of Plants Vs. Zombies dolls. The Plants Vs. Zombies series, starting off as a simple tower defense game, now has two 3rd person, kid-friendly shooters thanks to EA’s Garden Warfare spin-offs.

The two characters are, of course, the Pea Shooter and the Scientist Zombie. The Pea Shooter is the basic-est of the basic Tower Defense units in the game, and practically a mascot all on its own. But you can’t have Plants vs. Zombies without plants and zombies, right?

More coming soon!

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