Mass Effect: Andromeda – How to Reset Ryder’s Skill Points | Respec Guide

On PC, PS4 & Xbox One: Don’t like the skills you’ve unlocked so far? It’s easy to reset all your skills. Check out how to respec Ryder here.

The skills system has been totally revamped in Mass Effect: Andromeda, allowing the player to access any combination of skills and biotic abilities as they grow. The only problem? You’ve still got a limited amount of points available as you progress through the singleplayer story. If you want to experiment with your skill set and transform your psychic soldier into a stealthy sniper, you absolutely can thanks to the easy-to-use respec mechanics.

“Respec” is just a term for resetting all your acquired skill points, allowing Ryder (the replacement Shepard of Andromeda) to input all your so-far earned RPG points into new slots. You can instantly reset the playing field and become a totally different class of character, but it’s going to cost you. Don’t worry, the cost is pretty cheap the first time around. It only gets expensive if you use it a whole lot. Learn more below.

How to Reset Ryder’s Skill Points | Respec Guide

Ryder can reset his / her skill points and reallocate everything you’ve earned so far in the singleplayer story. It’s easy and available right after you’ve unlocked full control of the Tempest, your main spaceship and hub. There is a small fee that increases after each reset, so choose your resets carefully.

While the first respec isn’t free, it only costs 20 credits. That’s practically free, but each subsequent visit will cost more. All the skill branches are available to Ryder from the start, so there’s plenty of incentive to get creative and swap out your unlocked skills as you progress.

  • How to Respec:
    • Go to the Medbay (Deck 2) on the Tempest and talk to the doctor.
    • In the corner, find the device with a human skeleton display. This is the Squad Respec Station.
      • You can respec more than Ryder. Here, you can reset skills for any teammate.
    • Activate the device and pay the respec fee to re-collect all your currently earned skill points.

After using the respec machine, you’ll be free to use all your skill points and allocate them however you want. It’s a great way to experience all the other combat options afforded to Ryder, and combat is the best part of Andromeda.

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