Nintendo Switch: 10 Accessories That Don’t Totally Suck

The Nintendo Switch isn’t perfect, but we enjoy it. That being said, accessories make it a better experience.

Just like any console that launches into the market, there is a sea full of accessories to pick from. But out of the plethora of accessories that are now starting to pop up for Nintendo’s latest hybrid console, which are the ones that are worth the purchase?

We’re here to tell you ten accessories that we picked out for the Nintendo Switch which you may find worth the extra purchase outside of just the console itself. While you can view our video above which goes over the accessories, you can find the links to each product down below. Likewise, let us know if we missed out on a worthy accessory pickup for the Nintendo Switch by leaving us a comment.

10 Screen Protectors
9 LAN Adapter
8 Stand
7 Charging Cables
6 Legend of Zelda Breath of The Wild
5 Case
4 Micro SD Cards
3 JoyCon Charging Grip
2 JoyCons
1 Pro Controller