Torchlight 2 Quest Guide: Robot Part Locations

Can’t seem to find the parts you need to reconstruct Trillbot-4000? Here’s some help.


If you’ve spent any amount of time wandering through the dungeons of Torchlight 2, then you may have stumbled upon certain robotic parts that appear to belong to a quest. 

There are five hidden parts scattered throughout the entirety of the game which you’ll have to find and recover if you intend to complete this hidden quest. Somewhat like Voltron, they parts in the form of pipes, drum, hands, chest, and a head. 

Each part is hidden within a dungeon, each of which contains a minor puzzle for you to solve. 

Robot Part Locations

Robotic Drum: The Widow’s Veil, Crow’s Pass, Act 1

Arguably the easiest to find, the drums can be found in The Widow’s Veil. It’s the ice cave with spiders and a host of unlit braziers. Light up all of the braziers to access a hidden area.

Robotic Arm: Tower of the Moon, Ossean Wastes Act 2

To gain access to the hidden area, you’ll need to ring all of the gongs. There are a total of four gongs scattered on the walls throughout the dungeon. 

Robotic Pipes: Brood Hive, Salt Barrens, Act 2

The Robotic Pipes can be found near the final boss of this area. You’ll have to attack a monster camouflaged as a bunch of rocks in order to gain access to the hidden area. Should the monster fail to appear, leave the dungeon and reenter it. Beyond the rock monster lie a bunch of eggs, which you’ll have to destroy for the part. 

Robotic Head: Cacklespit’s Realm, Sundered Battlefield, Act 3

There exist three magical three stumps in this area which you’ll need to destroy. Doing so will play a unique sound, so you’ll know when you’ve got the right ones. Doing so will assemble a magical bridge nearby for you to cross to a hidden area. Therein lies the head.

Robotic Body: Abandoned Sawmill, Blightbogs, Act 3

The fifth and final robotic part can be found in the Abandoned Sawmill area of the Blightbogs. In this area, there are four skeletons pinned to the wall by axes. Click on the axes pinning them to free each of them and a gate leading to a hidden area nearby will open. You’ll find the Robotic Body within.

Doing The Quest

After you gather each robotic part, head to Zeryphesh in Act 2 and bring all the parts to Professor Stoker, who will put together the Trillbot-4000 unit from the first game. You can now visit the robot for many new and exciting quests.