Pokemon GO: Everything You Should Know About Berrries | Gen 2 Guide

On iOS & Android: Improve your Wild Pokemon catching potential, or just get double candy rewards with these two brand-new berries.

The Gen 2 update for Pokemon GO didn’t just add 80+ Johto Region Pokemon to the augmented reality mix, it also included some simple improvements for the game as a whole.

We’re not just talking about new cosmetic items in the shop — we’re talking about berries! These special items are a rare post level-8, and begin dropping in Pokestops no matter what region you’re in. Certain level-up rewards have been replaced with the new nanab / pinap berries, so always check your inventory after making plenty of that sweet XP.

Of course, there are tons of unused berries that aren’t yet available in Pokemon GO. You’ll have to wait a little bit longer for the Wenap or Bluk berries.

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Everything You Should Know About Berrries | Gen 2 Guide

Berries are special consumable items you can use to improve your chances of catching Wild Pokemon in battle, or to get more rewards. The Gen 2 update adds two new berry types; the Nanab and Pinap berries. These, added to the Razz berry already included in the base game, means there are now three different berries you can “equip” on Pokemon.

NOTE: Only one berry effect is available at a time. You cannot get the effects of two berries at once. No razz + nanab berry combinations.

  • How to Get Razz / Nanab / Pinap Berries:
    • Collect Pokestops for a random chance to earn any one type of berry.
    • Razz Berries are first unlocked at Level 8.

To use berries, simply drag and drop the item during a Wild Pokemon encounter from your backpack. Once the effect is applied, it only lasts until your next capture attempt. If a Pokeball misses, the effect will retain.

So, what do all the berries actually do? Each berry comes with a special effect. Two of the berries make captures easier, while the last berry gives you even more rewards for a successful Pokeball.

  • Razz Berry: Makes Wild Pokemon easier to catch.
  • Nanab Berry: Slows Wild Pokemon’s moves to make easier to cat
  • Pinap Berry: Doubles candy received after a successful catch.

Berries are just another tool you can use to upgrade your catching potential in Pokemon GO. They’re starting to appear in Pokestops now, so don’t forget to check often.

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