Pokemon GO: How To Get Espeon & Umbreon Every Time | Gen 2 Update

Only on iOS & Android: The Gen 2 evolutions for Eevee are in Pokemon Go, and you can still use Easter egg nicknames to earn these variations every time.


Espeon and Umbreon are the next stage of Eevee’s evolution, and now you can unlock these cool variations for yourself using another awesome little Easter egg for Pokemon GO. The Psychic and Dark Eevee types are only available after evolving Eevee — and, okay, let’s cut to the chase. Remember the original Eeveelutions from the earlier version of Pokemon GO? Same thing here.

Like the first Easter egg in the earlier version of Pokemon GO, this awesome Easter egg was first uncovered by the Pokemon GO fan community. Redditor Ceisus shared his discovered, and more comments rolled in to confirm the code. Check out exactly how this method works below, and check out our original Eeveelution Easter egg post right here for details — which we’ve also reprinted here.

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Eevee Evolution [Gen 2] – How to Get Espeon & Umbreon

To guarantee an evolution into one of the following Eevee types, nickname your Eevee one of the following trainer names. 

Note: This name trick ONLY WORKS ONCE per Eeveelution type. Save the names for Eevees with good CPs!

  • Nickname: Sakura
    • Evolves into: Espeon
  • Nickname: Tamao
    • Evolves into: Umbreon

Sakura (or Sayo) and Tamao are both kimono-wearing trainers from the Johto Region that also made appearances in the anime. Sakura, called Sayo in Pokemon Gold / Silver / Crystal, and Tamao can be battled in the Ecrutreak City Dancing Hall — each are just one part of the Kimono Sisters, five trainers with one of eack Eevee type.


This is one of the few confirmed Easter eggs hidden in Pokemon GO, and continues the tradition after including the names Sparky, Rainer, and Pyro — three trainers that appeared in the US translation of the popular Pokemon anime. It was always a cool little Easter egg for Poke-super-fans, and we hope the developers at Niantic continue the trend as new generations are revealed.

For the curious, keep scrolling for details to help get Jolteon, Vaporeon, and Flareon every single time.

Eevee Evolution [Gen 1] – How to Get Jolteon / Vaporeon / Flareon

After catching an Eevee, you’ll get to nickname it. Nickname the Pokemon one of these three names to earn the corresponding eeveelution.

  • Nickname: Sparky
    • Evolves into: Jolteon
  • Nickname: Rainer
    • Evolves into: Vaporeon
  • Nickname: Pyro
    • Evolves into: Flareon

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