Fire Emblem Heroes: How To Get Lots of Free Orbs | Events & Rewards

On iOS & Android: Learn how to get free Orbs and unlock Heroes (or increase your XP) with these Orb give-away events, bonuses, and reward methods.

Orbs are the currency of Fire Emblem Heroes, and most F2P fans don’t bother spending a single red cent on premium Orb packs — that’s why we’re all about free Orbs here. You can earn a slow-but-steady supply of Orbs in Fire Emblem Heroes for completing maps, login bonuses, and special events. We’ll keep a running tally of all the Orb unlock methods below, so check back later if you missed an event. Don’t worry, there will be more!

So, what do Orbs even do? You can spend Orbs a couple of ways, but mostly you’ll be using Orbs to upgrade your Castle / Barracks and Summon new randomly-dropped Heroes. Like other Gacha games, you drop Orbs into the slots and pull a random little character. Depending on the rarity, those Heroes might be incredibly powerful (or pathetically) weak. It’s all about the luck of the draw.

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How To Get Free Orbs | Rewards & Bonuses Guide

[Work-in-Progress: Check back soon for more Orb unlock bonuses and events.]

Free Orbs are all over Fire Emblem Heroes. Just for getting started, you can earn upwards of 30 Orbs in your first fifteen minutes of gameplay.

Event Orb Rewards

  • +12 Orbs [2/20-2/27]: Reward for completing Special Weapon Mastery Quests (Swords / Lances / Swords) and two new Special Maps.
    • +6 Orbs total for completing all three types of Special Weapon Quests. Each will unlock +2 Orbs.
    • +6 Orbs total for completing this week’s pair of Special Maps.

Orb Rewards List

  • +15 Orbs: Reward for completing the Tutorial.
  • +10 Orbs: Reward for Linking Your Nintendo Account
  • +1 Orb: Reward for completing Story Maps (+1 on Normal / Hard / Lunatic)
  • +2 Orbs: Daily Login Bonus (Reoccurring +2 Orbs Daily)


Expired Events

  • +3 Orbs: [2/6/17] Reward for completing Special Maps “Release Commemoration Present Maps”
    •  +6 Orbs total. +3 for completing the Special Map on Normal, +3 on Hard.

Found your own methods for earning Orbs that we missed? Know all about an incoming / ongoing event? Let us know in the comments!