Use This Easy ‘Rave in the Redwoods’ Glitch To Stay Alive on Solo

On PC, PS4 & Xbox One: Easily evade those armies of the undead with this cheat-tastic solo glitch spot. Not even a Slasher can reach you up there.

Rave in the Redwoods, the first Zombies add-on map for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, places your gang of teenagers in a summer camp haunted by an unstoppable serial killer. This slasher, along with the armies of the undead, isn’t much of a problem when you’re out of their reach — and there’s one particular spot players can hide to avoid any and all damage. It’s in a very specific spot, and we have the COD: Zombies community to thank for finding this crazy-useful solo glitch. Get all the details (and video) below.

Why is this a glitch? In Zombies, the horde-mode survival mode included in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, the goal is to avoid swarms of the hungry dead as you weave through crazy, movie-inspired environments. You’re not meant to last long, and this glitch is all about jumping onto a statue where zombies (and slashers) can’t even reach your character. This location is only big enough for a single player, so don’t try to squeeze a whole team up there.

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Easy Solo Survival Glitch

To climb up onto a spot where zombies can’t reach you while playing Solo, you’ll need to jump onto a very special wood-carved statue in the Bear Lake Cabins area. It’s actually pretty easy to find — here’s where to go:

  • Go to the Bear Lake Cabins area next to the Old Marvin Mines entrance path. There’s a sign on the cabin that reads “Bear Lake Cabins” — left of the “Owl” pointer, you’ll see a wood-carved statue of an owl.
  • The wood-carved owl statue is what you’ll want to jump on top of. This is a glitch, you’re not meant to get up there, so it might take a few tries.
    • There are stairs to a porch right behind the statue. Use those to run-jump into the top of the statue. If you get it just right, you’ll phase through the invisible wall and land on top of the statue.

Now the zombies will bunch-up below, allowing you to safely shoot entire waves of enemies… until you need more ammo.

For more details, check out the in-depth video from Youtuber Random Chievo’s glitch tutorial.


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