Infinite Warfare: Rave in the Redwoods – Secret Song Easter Egg Guide

On PC, PS4 & Xbox One: The Easter eggs can’t stop. Won’t stop. Check out how to unlock the Rave in the Redwoods secret song with these glowing locations.

Secret songs are a long tradition in Call of Duty: Zombies, and the customary inclusion doesn’t die in Rave in the Redwoods. Like previous Easter egg songs, you’ll need to find hidden things and interact to unlock the song — this time, it’s glowing lights you’ll need to shoot. It sounds tough, but the glowing lights are actually pretty easy to spot this time around… if you’ve got the locations.

In previous Zombies maps, you’d have to collect hidden items — teddy bears, skulls, whatever the developers had lying around. Usually you’d have to find three items, that each spawn in three separate locations at random. This cycle is actually a lot easier. The glowing spots you’ll need to shoot (while using Rave vision) are always in the exact same spot, every single time. The only difference? There are way more glowing dots.

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Secret Song Easter Egg Guide

Before getting started on this psychedelic journey to hear an hidden Easter egg song (and unlock the achievement / trophy) you’ll need to complete two simple steps:

  • Turn on the Power — Use the switch, accessed in the Spawn Lodge basement through the Old Mines.
  • Get A Rave Pouch — Grab one one of the pouches dropped by a zombie. When interacting with fire, you’ll be able to enter Rave Mode.

With those two tasks out of the way, we can begin hunting down this secret song. Starting from the spawn fireplace, go to each glowing spot location and shoot it in order to hear the Easter egg song.

[Note: Remember! Use the fairies to extend your Rave Mode vision!]

  1. In the Spawn Room, look up from the fireplace and shoot the glowing spot until it turns into a rune. It’s located above the  chandelier.
  2. Go upstairs and shoot the leaning painting on the sofa to the right.
  3. Still upstairs, go through the doorway and look under the table in the middle of the room. Shoot the glowing spot on the underside of the table.
  4. To the right of the table, look behind the kitchen counters to spot another hidden glowing spot.
  5. Go through the door to the balcony, to the left of the table from glowing spot #3. Look up above the door from the exterior to spot the fifth glowing spot.
  6. Drop down from the balcony and look on the slanted roof to the left, while exiting the spawn room’s lobby. There’s a glowing spot on the corrugated metal, down the way from the quick revive machine.
  7. Go inside the spawn room lobby and look under the front desk, below the old computer.
  8. Go back upstairs and enter the second floor room with the Tuff Nuff machine. As you enter, look left to spot the glowing spot behind the cardboard boxes.
  9. Starting from the Tuff Nuff room’s balcony entrance, from the door, go prone near the cubbies on the right. Near the floor, there’s a well-hidden glowing spot on the lowest shelf.
  10. The last glowing spot is in the locker corner opposite the Tuff Nuff machine.

Shoot all these spots until a rune appears! Make sure you shoot the spots plenty — they take more than one bullet, and can only be seen / activated while in Rave Mode. Don’t miss one, or you’ll need to check them all out!

If you successfully activated all 10 runes, you’ll get a +1000XP pop-up. The song doesn’t actually play in-game, it only appears in the recreational area and the menu when selecting Rave in the Redwoods. The achievement / trophy will unlock, and that’s all it takes.

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