Infinite Warfare: Rave in the Redwoods – Complete Easter Egg Guide

Keep up with the latest discoveries as we hunt down each step for the massive main Easter egg hidden in the Infinite Zombies map ‘Rave in the Redwoods’.

Survive the night and discover every hidden secret for Rave in the Redwoods with our full guide, digging into the latest news and discoveries for the first Zombies DLC for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

Rave in the Redwoods changes settings — instead of a cheesy sci-fi themepark, our heroes are dropped into a simulacra of Camp Crystal Lake of Friday the 13th fame. Zombies, yetis, and neon raves are all accounted for — including a hulking, masked mutant super-zombie boss ready to ruin your day. Be prepared for a wild ride and a psychedelic trip through the slasher genre in the second Infinite Warfare Zombies map.

Below, we’ll add updates with the latest steps uncovered for Rave in the Redwoods. Solving the main Easter egg is always a massive undertaking, with the whole Zombies community coming together as Streamers rush to be the first to claim each step. We’ll update, amend, and edit each entry until a full, complete picture of the latest Easter egg steps emerge.

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The Main Easter Egg Guide
  • Changelog – Newest to Oldest:
    • Added Step 2 & Step 3 (Turtle Island & Pack-A-Punch)
    • The main Easter Egg has been solved! [Video]
    • Added Step 1 – We’re pretty confident turning on the power is the first step.
    • Created the Main Easter Egg guide.
    • More coming soon!

Note: This Easter egg can be completed SOLO or COOP. It can be done with any number of players.

Step #1: Turn on the Power

Power is an important part of any Zombies map. The perk machines will activate and certain doors will open, giving you more access in this ’90s horror rave.

  1. From Spawn, open the door that leads to the Thunderbird Amphitheater ($750).
    • Continue into the Adventure Course ($1000) and jump over the gap in the bridge to reach the Recreation Area / Archery Range.
  2. Enter the Recreation Area ($1250) and go toward the Old Mine ($1500).
    • In the Old Mine, follow the path down into a basement room with a zombie stuck to a wooden wheel in the corner.
  3. The Power Switch is here — simply flip it to activate power for the entire map.

Step #2: Find the Boat Parts To Access Turtle Island

Getting to Turtle Island is an important part of the Easter egg. That’s where you’ll find Kevin Smith, this map’s very special guest star. He’s hiding in the cabin attic, where you can find him but can’t quite reach. Let’s not worry about that now, because if you want to reach Turtle Island, you’ll need to collect 3 boat parts.

  1. There are three Boat Parts to collect. Finding all three and installing them on the broken boat will repair it, allowing you to reach Turtle Island.
    • [There may be more boat part locations. We’ll update with more as we find them.]
      • Part #1: Mess Hall — Look on the middle pillar with the trash bin.
      • Part #2: Spawn Lodge — From the Power Switch, go up to the second floor and cross the balcony to reach the adjacent room. As you enter, look on the right-hand wall to spot this part.
      • Part #3: Recreation Area — Look on the white canvas booth near the central rave statue.
  2.  Take the parts to Bear Lake and reach the boat house to find the busted ship. Place all three parts to repair it, and interact to ride to Turtle Island.

Step #3: Find Film Reels to Unlock Pack-A-Punch

The Pack-A-Punch isn’t strictly required to unlock the end-game battle, but if you want to actually win, it’s an important, unskippable step. Luckily, it’s also really easy. If you can get all the boat parts, you can get the two film reels.

  1. The Projector that teleports you to the Pack-A-Punch Room is available on Turtle Island, but you’ll need to connect 2 Film Reels to get the projector working.
    • Film Reel #1: Bear Lake — The first film roll is just outside the boat house doors, before riding the boat to Turtle Island.
    • Film Reel #2: Turtle Island — Ride the boat to Turtle Island, then go up to the building on the hill. Turn left to find a bonfire. Nearby, next to an old laundry machine, look for the film roll on the ground.
  2. The Projector is on a desk in the interior building right next to Film Reel #2. Hook up the film then enter the open portal to access the Pack-A-Punch Room.

Step #4: Collect the Photo Souvenirs

Return to the Turtle Island Cabin and interact with the Boom Box to begin a quest for Kevin Smith. The celebrity guest is standing above the room, just look up to get a good look. He’s in the room with the fireplace.

  1. Using the Boom Box will start the photo scraps collection quest. [Note: If you fail a photo ritual, a nuke will go off and you will lose a perk.]
  2. Photo Scrap #1: Recreation Area – Go behind the giant rave neon statue and look on the walkway to spot this scrap.
    • Ritual: Adventure Course – Take the scrap to the Adventure Course. Near the bonfire, there’s a white plastic chair next to a tree — look on the ground and place the photo scrap to begin a ritual.
      • Ritual Stage #1: Shoot the arms of the infinite horde of zombies to collect their souls. Only arm-shots will work!
      • Ritual Stage #2: Inspect the Blue Light after successfully completing the ritual. This will cause a Slasher to spawn — this is not the Rave Mode slasher, so watch out! He’s faster and stronger than normal.
      • Ritual Stage #3: After defeating the Slasher, you can collect the cleansed photo part and return to the Turtle Island Boom Box to collect the next Photo Scrap.
  3.  Photo Scraps #2: Spawn Lodge – Tuff Nuff perk machine room on the second floor, across the exterior balcony.
    • Ritual: Recreation Area – Put the scrap down on the ritual circle near the white canvas booth and center obstruction out front of the stage.
      • Ritual Stage #1: Once again, an infinite army of zombies will spawn. Instead of aiming for the arms, aim for the legs this time.
      • Ritual Stage #2: Interact with the blue light to summon a Slasher in Normal Mode (outside Rave Mode). Kill it to complete this stage.
      • Ritual Stage #3: Collect the cleansing photo scrap and return to the Boom Box on Turtle Island.
  4. Skull (Quest Item #3): Spawn, Power Room – In the Power Room, collect the skull in the pile of bones near the Magic Wheel.
    • Ritual: Bear Lake – Put the skull on the ritual site on the beach near the Slappy Taffy machine.
      • Ritual Stage #1: Just like before, only this time you’ll need to get headshots to collect the souls near the ritual circle.
      • Ritual Stage #2: Interact with the blue light, defeat the Slasher that spawns — exactly the same as before.
      • Ritual Stage #3: Grab the blue light get prepared for the boss fight.

Step #5: Defeat the Boss 

This is a shorter Easter egg than most, and the boss battle becomes available after completing the photo scrap rituals. With all three complete, the warehouse wall-mounted lights will become active in the Power Room basement. Get prepared before going in — update the Vlad Crossbow to get a particularly powerful Wonder Weapon.

  1. Boss Battle Prep: Go to the Power Room and look on the wall opposite the Magic Wheel. Depending on the number of players, you’ll need to activate 1-4 of these lights at the same time.
  2. How to Reach the Boss: When all the lights are activated, return to the boat in the Bear Lake boat house. Kevin Smith is now sitting in the boat — when everyone interacts with the boat all at the exact same time, you’ll hop in and go off towards the boss fight.
  3. Begin the Battle: Ride the boat back to Turtle Island to encounter the final boss — a giant, mutant Slasher. The fight essentially separated into four stages that repeat three times.

The battle begins with swarms of zombies spawning everywhere while the Slasher leaps away,  leaving you alone for now. Let’s get things started.

[NOTE: Don’t worry about ammo! Find more Max Ammo at the staircase up to the cabin. These respawn at every stage.]

Stage #1:

  • Phase #1: There are ritual circles and glowing blue lights all over Turtle Island beach. Kill zombies near the Soul Containers until they rise up high into the sky and give off bright beams of light. Continue to get kills — you’ll see the souls fly toward the blue lights.
    • The Slasher will drop down and attack. Don’t shoot it yet — this is all about dealing with the zombies. You can’t hurt the Slasher at this stage.
  • To hurt the Slasher, lead it into one of the ritual circles with a strange pattern around the edge. Wait until the Slasher stands / ground-pounds into that point and gets trapped. While trapped, the circle will change from blue to orange, and an orange spot will appear on the Slasher. Shoot that spot to actually damage the boss.
  • Phase #2: Next, you’ll leave Rave Mode and fight the Slasher while zombies continue to spawn onto the beach. To damage the Slasher, target the parts of his body where neon ritual symbols appear. Those are the weak points — focus your fire where the glowing patterns appear.
    • Eventually the neon ritual symbols will switch to different sections of the Slasher’s body.
  • Phase #3: — WARNING — When the Slasher jumps onto the cabin rooftop, dash into one of the green circles that appear on the beach.
    • The Slasher will summon an instant-kill attack. If you’re not inside a green circle, you’ll die. This attack lasts awhile, and zombies will continue to attack, so be prepared and don’t leave the circle until the attack stops.
    • The skeletons are tougher and more powerful than standard zombies.

After completing all three steps, you’ll continue into the following stage. There are three stages total, with small twists on the formula as you progress. Instead of going through every phase (because the fundamental phases are all identical) we’ll describe how each stage adds new challenges to the battle.

  • Boss Battle – Stage Changes:
    • Stage #2: Elemental walls appears on the beach to block certain paths, forcing you to take longer routes to get around the area. The elemental walls disappear after Phase 1.
    • Stage #3: Even more elemental walls appear on the beach.

After dealing enough damage in Stage #3 – Phase #2, the Slasher will be highlighted, indicating that the you can now fire-at-will. Keep unloading bullets into the Slasher to finally defeat him. There’s nothing more complicated here. Continue to shoot, and shoot, and shoot — he soaks up a ton of damage.

Collect the glowing Soul Key off the beach to initiate the final cutscene. You’ll unlock the Locksmith achievement / trophy, and gain the ability to play as Kevin Smith.

Check out the ending cutscene below, unlocked by Youtuber NoahJ456.

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