Tattletail: How to Unlock the Secret Ending | All 22 Easter Egg Locations

Only on PC: Avoid Mama Tattletail and collect all 22 Easter eggs with our locations guide. Finding every collectible also unlocks the alternate ending.

You haven’t really finished Tattletail until you’ve collected all 22 eggs. Finding them all unlocks a special secret ending and the “Presents For You!” achievement, so if you’re brave enough to survive another five nights with Tattletail, here’s where to get each and every egg.

For the uninitiated, Tattletail is an indie survival FPS where your goal is to survive five nights with the titular fuzzy friend. While Tattletail himself is a good pal, Mama Tattletail is on the prowl. You’ll have to avoid killer encounters while taking care of Tattletail’s three basic needs; food, grooming, and battery. It’s a tricky tightrope, and if you want to truly banish Mama, you’ll need to find all 22 Easter egg collectibles scattered around your diminutive hero’s house.

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Secret Ending Guide | All 22 Easter Egg Locations

To unlock the secret ending, you’ll need to collect all 22 Easter egg collectibles as you progress. Most Easter eggs can only be found at specific times of each individual night. Check out the entries for all the eggs below, with details explaining when and where to find them.

  • Egg #1: Hairball
    • Night 1
    • Task: Go to Bed — Before going to bed, look through the open front door. The egg is outside, right through the door.
  • Egg #2: Chewed Dog Food
    • Night 1
    • Task: Wrap Tattletail Back Up — On the table, available to collect when you’re ready to put Tattletail away for the night. Right next to the box.
  • Egg #3: Missing Sock
    • Night 1
    • Task: Go to Bed — On the nightstand next to your bed. Grab it before going to sleep.
  • Egg #4: Loose Change
    • Night 2
    • Task: Investigate the Clunking Noise — To the left of the washing machine in the basement. Available when you check out the machine and find Tattletail.
  • Egg #5: Peanut Shells
    • Night 2
    • Task: Let’s Have Some Fun / Find a Vase in the Basement to Play With — Find this egg on the dryer  in the corner, to the left of the green vase you play with (or break) to complete the task.
  • Egg #6: French Fry
    • Night 2
    • Task: Wrap Tattletail Back Up — After breaking the green vase, the lights will go out. A set of red glowing eyes will appear in the darkness. Wait until the lights return, then investigate the eyes — the egg is found where the red eyes appeared.
  • Egg #7-#11: Doll Hair, Dead Beetle, Broken Crayon, Lost Earring, Fingernail Clippings
    • Night 3
    • Task: Investigate the Grinding Noise — While investigating the noise, you’ll find a series of 5 Easter eggs. These are hard to miss. If you have the flashlight, you’ll spot them. Make sure to get all five.
  • Egg #12: Ketchup
    • Night 3
    • Task: Wrap Tattletail Back Up — After retrieving Tattletail, you’ll need to take it back to Mama Tattletail. Mama will be gone when you return to the basement, but there is an egg where she once stood.
  • Egg #13: Dust Bunny
    • Night 4
    • Task: Tattletail’s Friend Is Hiding Upstairs / Find Him — Complete the 30 second hide-and-seek session, then return to the garage through the back door. There is an egg here now. Grab it before initiating the next hide-and-seek challenge.
  • Egg #14: Pencil Shavings
    • Night 4
    • Task: Tattletail’s Friend Is Hiding in the Basement / Find Him — This time, survive the 90 second hide-and-seek session. When the lights turn back on, check out your bedroom closet to find this egg.
  • Egg #15: Christmas Light
    • Night 4
    • Task: Tattletail’s Friend Is Hiding Upstairs / Find Him — Before Egg #14, you can get Egg #15 after surviving for 60 seconds. For this egg, search underneath the Christmas tree.
  • Egg #16: Used Bandage
    • Night 4
    • Task: Tattltail’s Friend Is Hiding in the Basement / Find Him — The egg is in the basement corner where you found Mama on a previous night. This time, the egg is right beside the yellow Tattletail friend.
  • Egg #17: Old Napkin
    • Night 4
    • Task: Play the VHS / Bring It To Your Bedroom TV — After obtaining the VHS tape, go upstairs and look on the kitchen counter. The egg is found near the microwave.
  • Egg #18: Seashell Soap
    • Night 5
    • Task: Bring Tattletail To The Basement — Before going down into the basement, make a quick stop at the restroom. The egg is found on top of the toilet bowl.
  • Egg #19: Bandana
    • Night 5
    • Task: Bring Tattletail To The Basement — Another egg can be collected before going to the basement. Check outside through the outside door and look inside the doghouse.
  • Egg #20: Rabbit’s Foot
    • Night 5
    • Task: Find a Friend By the Christmas Tree — After delivering Tattletail to the basement, the back door of the house will unlock. Check the bushes in the backyard (on the left) to find this hidden egg.
  • Egg #21: Car Keys
    • Night 5
    • Task Go To Bed — Complete the party ritual and go back upstairs. Before going to your room, grab this egg next to your mom’s room door.
  • Egg #22: Cupcake Wrapper
    • Christmas Day — The final egg is hidden in your stocking hanging over the fireplace. Interact with the stocking to collect it.

Achievement Unlocked:

  • Presents For You!
    • Collect all 22 Eggs.