Tattletail: How To Survive Every Night | Full Walkthrough

Only on PC: Stay alive in Five Nights at Furby’s with the full guide on Gameranx, with tips to help you survive every encounter with Mama Tattletail.

Christmas might be over, but you can still relive the holiday season with Tattletail. In this first-person horror adventure, you take the role of an over-eager child that opens their Talking Tattletail present five days too early. Like Five Nights At Freddy’s, things get tricky fast. To make your (short) life easier, we’ll provide details for each task, how to survive, and what it takes to finally defeat Mama Tattletail.

So, what’s a Tattletail anyway? Short answer: an annoying toy with three daily demands, and a big mean Mama that wants your blood. Surviving gets increasingly difficult with Mama Tattletail on the prowl, and she hunts for naughty children that don’t properly take care of their toys. Every night, you’ll need to keep Tattletail’s three meters full while completing tasks and dodging Mama Tattletail’s ambushes. Beware when the lights go out.

Tattletail is available for $5 on Steam.

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How To Survive Every Night | Low-Spoilers Walkthrough

Before getting started, we recommend you turn up the brightness. This will make the game much easier — it obviously isn’t required, and if you’re looking for a good scare, keep the brightness levels low.

There are five nights until Christmas Day. Your goal is to take care of your new toy pet Tattletail — Tattletail has three needs:

  • Food (Use the Fridge)
  • Grooming (Use the Brush)
  • Battery (Use the Charger)

Refilling these needs will keep you safe. To avoid death, hide in a corner and use the flashlight in the darkness. Mama Tattletail hunts children that don’t take good care of Tattletail, and only attacks from the darkness. When the lights go out, that’s when Mama Tattletail is after you.

NOTE: There is a phone call at the end of every night. These are  optional — you can answer or ignore them. Ignoring all phone calls will earn you a bonus Steam achievement.

Night 1: A Night to Remember

  • The Tattletail present is found in the basement.
  • To feed Tattletail, interact and hold on the refrigerator. It is located upstairs from the basement, in the kitchen. Remember the refrigerator location — you’ll need to feed Tattletail nightly.
  • To groom Tattletail, use the brush located in the living room, on the couch. The brush is always located here. When Tattletail’s grooming meter is low, use the brush to clean him up.
  • Return Tattletail to his box in the basement.
  • Go to bed to end the night.

Night 2: Minor Mischief

  • Open the noisy laundry machine in the basement to collect Tattletail.
  • Use the charger in the basement to recharge Tattletail. This is the last of his three needs. Make sure you always refill Tattletail’s hunger/grooming/battery. If any of these meters hit zero, you will lose.
  • Interact with the vase in the basement. The lights will go out.
    • Take the flashlight. Whenever the lights go out, always go for the flashlight and wait in a corner until the lights turn back on. To activate the flashlight, click the right-mouse button to shake.
  • Watch out for a pair of red eyes in the darkness. This is Mama Tattletail. Don’t approach her if you see her.
  • Return Tattletail to his box in the basement.
  • Go to bed to end the night.

Night 3: Mama’s Boy

  • NOTE: Mama Tattletail will begin actively hunting.
  • Find Mama Tattletail in the basement. Insert the nearby Tattletape and listen to the story.
  • Find Tattletail in the living room upstairs from the basement.
  • Bring Tattletail back down to the basement — return Tattletail to his box when you find nothing.
  • Clean up the mess in the living room, upstairs from the basement. Grab the flashlight before going up.
  • Upstairs, the lights will go out. Don’t make direct eye contact with Mama Tattletail. Sneak past Mama to reach the living room — when you reach the living room, the lights will go back on.
  • You’re safe when the lights are on.
  • Clean up the mess and go to bed.

Night 4: Funny Games

  • Go through the backdoor to reach the garage in your backyard. You’ll find Tattletail and a friend inside.
  • Collect Tattletail and left-click the yellow friend. Get the flashlight ready before left-clicking the friend.
  • The lights will go out for 30 seconds. Wait into the corner of the garage with the flashlight on until the lights return. Keep your back to the wall. The flashlight can keep Mama away.
  • To find the yellow friend, look under the Christmas tree. Don’t click on the friend yet.
    • Recharge, feed, and groom Tattletail before activating the yellow friend.
  • When you’re ready, click on the yellow friend. This time you’ll have to survive for 60 seconds.
  • Duck into the bathroom and hide in the bathtub corner with the flashlight on. Wait until the lights return.
  • To find the yellow friend, look in your bedroom closet. Don’t click on the friend yet. This is the last round.
    • Recharge, feed, and groom Tattletail before activating the yellow friend again.
  • For this final round, the lights will go out for 90 seconds. Take cover in the hallway, with your back to the wall, and the flashlight turned on.
  • To find the yellow friend for the last time, go to the basement. Insert the tape near the yellow friend into the television’s VCR.

Night 5 (Christmas Eve): The Party

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  • This is the final night. Open the present in the living room before returning to the basement.
  • The basement door is locked. Exit the house through the front door to find the second entrance into the basement.
  • In the basement, place Tattletail on the charger. Go back to the living room and collect the yellow friend from the present box.
    • The lights will go out. Immediately use the living room brush to groom the yellow friend. His grooming bar is already zero.
  • Run back to the basement and place the yellow friend on a chair. Next, you’ll need to find another Tattletail friend.
    • The lights are back on. Find Tattletail in a present upstairs, in the garage.
  • Open it and collect him — the lights will go out, again. Run for the refrigerator and refill Tattletail’s hunger meter. It’s already at zero.
  • Place Tattletail in the basement and collect your purple pal. Next, you’ll need to find several items to complete the party ritual. Collect the items, one at a time, and place them on the red carpet in the basement.
    1. Collect cupcakes upstairs (from the basement).
    2. Take the string lights from the Christmas Tree.
    3. Get the red candles from the kitchen counter.
  • Place Tattletail in the final seance position, and light all five red candles.
    • Interact with the VHS Tape to rewind it, and the ritual will begin. To survive the ritual, keep your flashlight charged by shaking it and hide in a corner with a good view of the ritual.
  • When Mama steals the red candles, you’ll need to find them. The candles are hidden in green vases scattered around the basement.
    • Smash each vase and collect the candles inside. Smashing vases will also make noise, so be wary of Mama.
  • Vase Locations: The red candles will randomly appear in green vases.
    • #1: Past the crib, down the hallway.
    • #2: On the end table near the chair at the ritual site.
    • #3: In the corner on the covered furniture behind the ritual.
    • #4: On the metal shelf on the wall opposite the ritual area.
    • #5: Next to the washing machine.
    • #6: On boxes around the entrance hallway of the basement, from the stairs.
    • #7: Next to the door leading into the room with the drier.
    • #8: Near the drier.
  • When all the candles are found, place them on the ritual markers and re-light.
    • Interact with the glowing, floating tape.
  • Go to bed!

Christmas Day

The final step. All you have to do here is open your present in the living room.

  • The ending (reportedly!) will be different, depending on if you collected all 22 eggs. The last egg is found in the stocking over the fireplace. Let us know if your ending was different.