Everything You Need To Know About Pokemon GO On Apple Watch

Pokemon GO has landed on Apple Watch. Here’s everything is does (and doesn’t) do for you.

After a surprise update, Pokemon GO is now available on the Apple Watch and… let’s call its current functionality “unique”. If you’re an Apple Watch user, you understand the painful limitations of apps on the device, and fans should know right away that Pokemon GO on the Apple Watch is not a replacement for Pokemon GO Plus.

The two devices are entirely different beasts. Still, there are plenty of features in Pokemon GO to grapple with on Smart Watch that (might) make it worthwhile to you, so if you’re curious to see exactly what the Apple Watch brings to the Pokemon GO table, just keep scrolling for all the details.

More Pokemon GO tips, tricks, and FAQs:

Everything You Need To Know About Pokemon GO On Apple Watch

Pokemon GO is available for FREE on the Apple Watch App Store, which can only be accessed through your Apple Watch, or through your iPhone (using the Watch App).

#1: You Can’t Catch Pokemon On The Apple Watch — But You Will Get Notifications

This is the biggest hang-up when it comes to Pokemon GO on the Apple Watch. Unlike the Pokemon GO Plus device, you won’t be able to capture Pokemon on the Apple Watch alone. Instead, you’ll receive a notification (displaying which Pokemon is available nearby) — then you’ll have to swap to your phone to actually catch the Pokemon.

#2: You Can Collect Pokestops

Here’s some good news — on the Apple Watch, you’ll receive notifications when near a Pokestop. Spin the icon in the center with a tap, and you’ll gain another notification explaining exactly what you got. The Pokemon GO Plus will also notify and allow you to collect Pokestops, but you’d have to log-in to your iPhone to see what prizes you earned. Not so with the Apple Watch, you get an instant message showing everything after each Pokestop spin.

#3: You Won’t Be Able to Play All Day

Back to the bad news, Pokemon GO is a battery hog. Pokemon GO on iOS / Android also suffers the same problem, and rapidly saps all the battery life from your phone while you’re on-the-go. The Apple Watch version is no different — players are reporting that you’ll drain up to 25% battery per hour. Basically, if you keep Pokemon GO on your Smart Phone active, it probably won’t last all day.

#4: You Can Track Stats (Eggs Distances and Buddy Candies)

One useful feature that the Smart Watch version of Pokemon GO includes is plenty (and we mean plenty) of stat tracking. You’ll be able to see your XP, distance walked, distance to Pokemon, and distance required to hatch eggs. Personally, the eggs distance meter is the most useful. You’ll get a notification when an egg is about to hatch — but you’ll have to hatch it in your main Pokemon GO app on iOS / Android — there is no hatching in Pokemon GO on Apple Watch.

As an added bonus, if you’ve selected a Buddy Pokemon, you’ll earn candy from distance walked. Naturally, you can track that stat too.

#5: You Can’t Battle (Wild Pokemon / Gyms)

Just to be clear, Pokemon GO on Apple Watch features no battling of any kind — you won’t find 3D models of any Pokemon, and there are no Augmented Reality features like those found in the main iOS / Android app. You can’t mess around with or interact with gyms. The app is all about notifications and stat tracking — there’s no actual gameplay involved.

#6: You Can Log Play Sessions As Workouts

For active Pokemon GO players that incorporate the distance traveled mechanics into your daily workout routines, the Pokemon GO app on Smart Watch logs your sessions as workouts. It will add to your total tally of daily activity, and while this isn’t so important to Pokemon GO users, it is a pretty cool feature for fans of the Apple Watch. If you’re all about Pokemon GO training and want to port those kilometers over to the Apple Watch, this is the best way to do it.

So are you still interested in Pokemon GO on Smart Watch? These are only the initial features, and while Pokemon battles aren’t likely to ever appear on the Smart Watch, updates may expand functionality in the future. If there are, we’ll update this article with all the latest info.¬†