Dead Rising 4: How to Unlock the Unstoppable Zero Exo Suit Upgrade

Only on Xbox One: Start charging that Megabuster, because you can take control of Zero in Dead Rising 4 with this awesome Exo upgrade.

Capcom’s stable of classic franchises might be dormant, but those old games are still an awesome source of Easter egg content for Dead Rising 4. If you’re willing to see every case to completion, Dead Rising 4 rewards players with an amazing Exo Suit that unlocks all the sword-swinging and laser-blasting abilities of Zero — the popular red-clad robot from Mega Man X and beyond.

It’s crazy to think that Mega Man X saw its heyday all the way back when the Super Nintendo was the peak of console gaming. While the series continued in many forms, including Zero’s appearance in the Marvel Vs. Capcom games, Zero only got his own starring vehicles in the Mega Man Zero series that started out on the Gameboy Advance. Yeah, it’s been awhile since Zero has been in the spotlight. We’re not going to call this a resurgence, but we’re glad to see the coolest ‘bot in town return for some zombie-wrecking action.

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How to Unlock the Unstoppable Zero Exo Suit Upgrade

The Exo Suit is a new addition to the Dead Rising franchise, and equipping one of these armored exoskeletons allows Frank West to become even more over-powered with a series of explosive upgrades, usually found an Exo Station.

The Zero Exo Suit upgrade is a little different — after unlocking and selecting the Zero Exo Suit, you’ll automatically start with the Zero upgrade. No Exo Suit Station required.


Here’s what you’ll need to do to get the Zero Exo Suit.

  • How to Get the Zero Exo Suit:
    • Complete Case 6 — after watching the end credits, you’ll get a reward message:
      • Zero Exo Suit and Gold Bars unlocked.
    • The Zero Exo Suit will now be available when replaying any Case.
      • Choose “Case Select” to replay any case from the beginning.
    • The Zero Exo Suit is found in every available Emergency Shelter, in the center of the room.
    • Interact to equip the Zero Exo Suit and use it until the suit’s charge is depleted.

The Zero Exo Suit comes equipped with the Z-Saber (Melee) and the Zero Buster (Ranged) — when you’re ready for a special combo, the Zero Suit shoots out a ranged Z-Saber flurry that cuts down everything in an area for several seconds.

The Zero Buster can also be charged. A fully charged Zero Buster launches a single explosive plasma projectile that breaks up into several smaller grenade-like explosives that bounces from the original point of impact. Basically, the Zero Buster is also a cluster bomb, able to wipe out entire groups of zombies per shot. Not half bad! We think the original Zero would be proud of this assortment of unlockable weapons.

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