Dead Rising 4: Persons of Interest Locations | Collectibles Guide

Only on Xbox One: Document all your friends and enemies in Dead Rising 4 with all 16 ‘Persons of Interest’ story locations.

Frank West returns to Willamette in Dead Rising 4 to expose another zombie conspiracy, but he can’t do it alone. As you progress through each case, you’ll meet and greet a murder’s row of plot-important characters. Even the not-so-important characters are worth documenting — that’s why the ‘Persons of Interest’ collectible category exists.

There are a grand total of 16 ‘Persons of Interest’ in Dead Rising 4 that Frank West can find. Taking their picture adds them to the archive, along with a biography to help you understand exactly what their deal is. Don’t miss out on any of these special characters with our rundown of locations in order of their first appearance. They’re very easy to miss, and many are only available for short periods during the main story. Make sure to take a picture when you can, because these characters might only appear once.

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Persons of Interest Locations | Collectibles Guide

To collect a “Person of Interest”, press [R3] to bring up Frank West’s camera and take a picture. The [Normal] View Mode will highlight any nearby PoI characters and confirm when you’ve taken a proper snapshot.

There are a total of 16 ‘Persons of Interest’ — many can only be found during select encounters during specific sections of the story. Below, we’ll cover all the characters you’ll want to take pictures of in order of their appearance, and when you can take a picture in-game.

  • Frank Algernon West
    • Photo Op: Case 1 – Once you’re in control of Frank, at any point in the story, bring up the camera with [R3] then press [RB] for a selfie. You don’t really need to, because his profile is automatically unlocked.
  • Vick Chu
    • Photo Op: N/A – Automatically unlocked, although you’ll get a chance to take her picture in Case 6.
  • Brad Park
    • Photo Op: Case 1 – After crash landing, you’ll need to defend Brad Park as he opens ZDC containers. Take a picture during the start of the case.
  • Connor McMann
    • Photo Op: Case 1 – Following the defense sequence in Case 1, you’ll escape to the Virago Hotel in the Amazon Food Court. Behind the front desk you’ll find Conno McMann. Take a picture during the ensuing defense as Obscuris Soldiers attack.
  • Darcy
    • Photo Op: Case 1 – Encountered in the Quarantine Zone after completing your investigation of the area where bodies are on display, impaled on the statue.
  • Jessa Yatsuda
    • Photo Op: Case 2 – Right at the beginning, you’ll encounter Jessa before picking up the vehicle combo blueprint at the parking garage exit gate.
  • Paula
    • Photo Op: Case 2 – Once Frank enters the Willamette City Hall Archives in Old Town, take a picture of the woman standing near the map.
  • Isaac Tremaine
    • Photo Op: Case 2 – After getting ambushed on your way to West Ridge, you’ll wake up in Tom’s Compound. Your first objective is to talk to Isaac. Take a picture of him!
  • Tom Pickton
    • Photo Op: Case 2 – The leader of the West Ridge survivalists, he’s found in the same room (Garage Workshop) in Tom’s Compound as Isaac. Take a picture before leaving, but he’ll remain here.
  • Kylie Hammond
    • Photo Op: Case 2 – After leaving Tom’s Compound, you’ll find Hammond pinned down at the Willamette Jr. High School courtyard. Rescue her and take a picture while she’s fixing up her fellow survivors. Connor and Jessa are also available here.
  • Jordan Maxwell
    • Photo Op: Case 2 – On the ground with Connor and Jessa at the Willamette Jr. High School. After defeating Obscuris, you can find her on the ground. Jordan appears later, but this is the first place you can take a picture of her. (Specifically, you can take a picture of her when you return to Tom’s Compound in Case 5.)
  • James Cabellero 
    • Photo Op: Case 2 – At the end of the Willamette Hydroelectric Station infiltration, you’ll encounter the dangerous Obscuris Lieutenant in an Exo Suit. Take a picture during the boss battle. This is your only chance to get a picture.
  • Dr. Diane Blackburne 
    • Photo Op: Case 3 – Once you fight into the home where Dr. Blackburne is being held, she’ll explain some of the plot and show Frank West a picture of Dr. Barnaby. Take a picture of Blackburne during the interview sequence.
  • Dr. Russel Barnaby
    • Photo Op: Case 3 – While Dr. Barnaby doesn’t make a personal appearance in Dead Rising 4, you can still add him to the list. During the Blackburn interview, don’t just scan the picture of Dr. Barnaby for evidence — take another picture to add his face to the ‘Persons of Interest’ archive.
  • Maria Eleanor Raquel Fontana
    • Photo Op: Case 4 – At the end of the case, you’ll invade the Willamette Army Reserve base and break into the secret Obscuris facility. Before completing the case, you’ll fight with Commander Fontana. Make sure that you take a picture during this fight, it’s your only chance to add her.
  • Lance Corporal Calder
    • Photo Op: Case 5 – As you escape the underground at the very end of Case 5, you’ll get a look at Calder as he throws explosives at Frank from his central platform. This is the first area, but you can also take a picture of Calder during the boss encounter during Case 6.

That’s all 16 Persons of Interest! Finding them all will inch you that much closer to 100% completion.