Dead Rising 4: Easily Level Up Emergency Shelters With This Trick

Only on Xbox One: Get all the greatest vendor upgrades for your Emergency Shelters in Dead Rising 4 with this survivor farming method.


Emergency Shelters are your home away from home in Dead Rising 4, and the more survivors you save, the better stuff you can get from the various vendors. The problem is that survivors aren’t exactly a dime-a-dozen in Willamette, and scrounging up even four extra survivors to upgrade your shelter to Level 3 can be a tricky prospect.

Well, it used to be, at least. There’s an easy way to boost your survivor count in Dead Rising 4, and all it takes is some simple repetition. There’s no trick here, but this farming method might be considered an exploit, depending on how sensitive you are to cheating. This is totally an intended feature, and it’s a little strange, but here’s how you can easily recruit an endless supply of survivors for each emergency shelter.

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Easily Level Up Emergency Shelters With This Trick

Emergency Shelters are where survivors go to rest up and relax while Frank West fixes that whole zombie outbreak issue in Willamette town. Shelters are also a great place to stock up on items — using scrap, you can purchase tons of items, vehicles and locations for your map.

There is one unlockable Emergency Shelter in each of the main areas in Willamette, and all the shelters can be upgraded. Your selection of items is pretty paltry at Level 1, but by Level 3 things will look pretty awesome. You can continue to upgrade shelters by rescuing survivors — survivors can be saved in seemingly random events across the map.

Here’s the thing — those events aren’t random at all. They’re actually repeatable — you can repeat these ‘survivor events’ as much as you like. All you have to do is put a little distance from the event spawn point. When you return, you’ll always find another survivor in another dire situation. Kill all the zombies nearby, and the survivor will instantly return to the closest shelter.

How to Quickly (And Easily!) Level Up Shelters

  1. Leave your shelter.
  2. Find a ‘survivor event’ — a blue “?” icon will appear, and a survivor will call for help.
  3. Kill all the nearby zombies and the survivor will return to your shelter.
  4. Run back to the shelter.
  5. Repeat steps 2 & 3 — ‘survivor events’ are infinitely repeatable.

To make things easier, check out these survivor event locations, conveniently placed next to your shelter. Make a quick circle and the event will repeat after entering / leaving your shelter.

  • Willamette Memorial Megaplex:
    • Survivor Location: Find a survivor event at the top of the stairs to the underground parking entrance between the Central Plaza and Amazon Food Court.
  • Old Town:
    • Survivor Location: There’s a survivor event in the parking lot behind the church and near the cemetery entrance. Very close to the Old Town Emergency Shelter.
  • West Ridge:
    • Survivor Location: Go to the street entrance doors to the Willamette Jr. High School to find a survivor. Just down the street, there is another survivor rescue event that will almost always pop — that’s two survivors per run!

You only need to reach Level 3 (save 4 survivors) to unlock the most important vendor upgrades — including key item locations on your map.