Dead Rising 4: Learn New Skills With Training Manuals | All Locations

Only on Xbox One: Upgrade Frank West with bonus skills that can only be unlocked with these Training Manuals.


Training Manuals are back in Dead Rising 4, and they’re more useful than ever before. Instead of enhancing your skills, these rare books provide Frank West with exclusive new skills, adding to his already overloaded repertoire of moves. These books can be acquired one of two ways — buying them from upgraded Emergency Shelter vendors, or by finding them hidden in the environment.

Below we’ll provide details to help you find these unlikely books all across Willamette. Use the map to check room names, and be sure to enter every building you find as you explore — the more buildings you visit, the more names will pop-up on your easy-to-navigate map, making finding these spots a total breeze.

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Training Manuals Locations

[Work-in-Progress: Check back soon for new training manual locations!]

After collecting a Training Manual, the new skill will automatically become available for Frank West to use. These are often hand-to-hand, unarmed special attacks that require a very specific button combination. They’re tough to master, but the more you unlock, the more Frank West will become a formidable zombie-fighting master.

  • Final Blow:
    • Effect: The last hit before breaking a melee weapon automatically triggers a Skill Move.
    • Location: Old Town – In the comic book bins at the back of Tetro’s Comics & Collectibles.
  • Evasion:
    • Effect: Every incoming attack has a small chance to deal zero damage.
    • Location: Willamette Memorial Megaplex – Found inside the Homerunners, across the way from the White Rook security company near the upper exit to Caribbean Cove.
  • Skill Move Efficiency
    • Effect: Reduces hit count required to perform a skill move.
    • Location: Willamette Memorial Megaplex – Available for purchase at the Level 3 Mall safehouse.
  • Precision Targeting
    • Effect: While aiming a ranged weapon, flick [Right-stick] to aim at specific body parts.
    • Location: Old Town – Sold at the Level 3 Old Town safehouse.
  • Food Inventory Slot +2
    • Effect: Increases food inventory slots by 2.
    • Location: West Ridge – Sold at the Level 4 West Ridge safehouse.
  • Melee, Ranged, and Thrown Inventory Slots
    • Effect: Increases melee, ranged, and thrown weapon inventories by 1.
    • Location: West Ridge – On the monitor station on the second floor of the West Ridge Emergency Shelter.
  • Elemental Critical Hits (Explosive)
    • Effect: Increases the effectiveness of explosive-based critical hits with ranged weapons. Enemies are blown apart, and the killing zone is larger.
    • Location: North Peak – In the lounge of Freebirds Gun Shack.
  • Inspiring Presence
    • Effect: All friendly survivors have increased health.
    • Location: North Peak – Sold at the Level 4 North Peak safehouse.

We just started Dead Rising 4, so we haven’t found many of these manuals yet. Expect to see lots more in the very near future as we fight further into the zombie-infested town of Willamette.