Dead Rising 4: Vick’s Cloud Uploads Locations | Collectibles Guide

Only on Xbox One: Track down Frank West’s journalistic disciple with these backstory-fulfilling cloud upload entries.


Probably the most important of the Dead Rising 4 collectibles, ‘Vick’s Logs’ provide backstory on Frank West’s premier protege. Vick Chu is out to teach Frank West a lesson about photo-journalism, and our favorite Dead Rising protagonist is tasked with following her trail across the town Willamette.

While not super-important (obviously, when is a Dead Rising story super-important?) — it’s still fun to find, and you’ll get some PP. To make finding locations easier, make sure to visit every building on the map. Exploring an interior will give you the name on your map, and makes tracking collectible locations much easier.

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Vick’s Cloud Uploads Locations | Collectibles Guide

[Work-in-Progress: Check back soon for new upload locations!]

Vick’s Cloud Uploads are small devices attached to laptops in the environment. When collected, you’ll unlock an audio diary from Vick Chu, filling in the blanks and providing important information about what’s been going on in Willamette. Waypoints for her entries can be purchased from Locations Vendors in Emergency Shelters in each section of the map.

  • Vick Log #1:
    • Location: N/A – Given automatically as you complete Case 1.
  • Vick’s Log #2:
    • Location: Willamette Memorial Megaplex – On the second floor of the Central Plaza, look in McQueen Portrait Studio.
  • Vick Log #3:
    • Location: Willamette Memorial Megaplex – Look in the military tent outside the Central Plaza. Leave through the front entrance and check out the tent to the left.
  • Vick Log #4:
    • Location: Old Town – Found in the kitchen of the Apartment by Nobleman’s Barber Shop. Enter the apartment through the back door near the back entrance to the Willamette Gazette & Historical Society.
  • Vick’s Log #5:
    • Location: Old Town – On the counter in the Brain Dump store.
  • Vick’s Log #6:
    • Location: West Ridge – In the kitchen of the Submega restaurant.
  • Vick’s Log #7:
    • Location: West Ridge – Inside the Willamette Hydroelectric Station. Only available during the end of Case 2. After leaving the investigation area where Darcy is tied up, you’ll enter a security room before reaching the catwalks outside the dam. The log is on the security room desk.
  • Vick’s Log #8:
    • Location: North Peak – On the bed of the second floor room in the Peaks Motel.
  • Vick’s Log #9:
    • Location: North Peak – Found in the office of Freebird’s Gun Shack.
  • Vick’s Log #10:
    • Location: West Ridge – Automatically obtained after entering Mountain Ridge Estates.
  • Vick’s Log #11:
    • Location: West Ridge – On the second floor of the mansion in Golden Apple Vineyards.
  • Vick’s Log #12:
    • Location: West Ridge – Earned during Case 4, after breaching into the secret lab section of the Willamette Army Reserve base.
  • Vick’s Log #13:
    • Location: West Ridge – Inside the locked garage in Tom’s Compound.
      • Get the key from Tom’s secret office, available in Case 5.
  • Vick’s Log #14:
    • Location: North Peak – Through the second locked door in the underground as Frank progresses toward Calder’s lair.
      • The key is available in the very first room after blowing open the locked gate with explosives in Case 5. Go through the open door on the right.
  • Vick’s Log #15:
    • Location: North Peak – Unlocked as you progress though Case 5, when Frank enters the underground in search of Calder.