Dead Rising 4: How to Take an S-Rank Photo | Achievement Guide

Only on Xbox One: Explore the mall to discover that perfect pic in Dead Rising 4, making it easy to earn S-Rank without all the fuss.


Frank West isn’t any old photojournalist. Sporting a mean camera and an endless supply of film, you can snap shots all across Willamette Mall in Dead Rising 4, and the in-game rating system will reward you for combining all the best elements into one single amazing pic.

Setting zombies on fire, blowing them up, and sticking silly masks on their heads — those are the tried-and-true methods for earning top ranks while taking photos in every Dead Rising adventure. Those tenants haven’t really changed in Dead Rising 4but if you take a pic at one specific spot, you won’t need any of those extra props, explosions or setup. Below, we’ll detail what it takes to get that S-Rank pic like a true pro.

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How to Take an S-Rank Photo

To take an S-Rank Photo, you’re going to need to reach the right spot. Follow the steps and go to the location below for an easy S-Rank photo opportunity.

  • Go to Willamette Memorial Megaplex and reach Kiichiro Plaza.
    • Find Ja-POP! and take a picture of the store. That’ll earn you an instant S-Rank.

The Ja-POP! store is filled with Capcom tributes and Easter eggs. Every product and image sporting a Capcom tribute earns bonus points, and all the items in that store combined gives Frank an easy S-Rank. Right near the entrance, you’ll find a Blank mask, E. Honda standee, and there’s even a C. Viper poster outside on the wall.

If there are dead bodies inside, you’ll get the extra violence bonuses, but you won’t need many. Just keep taking shots and you will get the rank, just make sure you’ve got enough of the store in your viewfinder.

Achievement / Trophy Unlocked

  • Fantastic!
    • Take an S-Rank Photograph