Pokemon Sun & Moon: Generation 7 Evolution Requirements Guide

Only on 3DS: Here’s the complete list of evolution requirements for every Generation 7 Pokemon found in Sun and Moon — that includes the Alolan variants, too!


Learn how to evolve all the latest Generation 7 Pokemon included in Pokemon Sun and Moon with this simple guide. To locate the info you need fast, press Ctrl+F and type in the name of your Pokemon — you’ll jump straight to the proper evolutionary line. Evolutions in Pokemon Sun and Moon are mostly straightforward, only a few require special locations or trading to unlock their next evolution.

Generation 7 doesn’t just include new Pokemon, but also remixes of old favorites like Raichu, Geodude, Vulpix, and way more. These variants have their own evolution requirements, and will only evolve into these forms in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Keep scrolling to find the complete list of evolution requirements, for both the brand new species and the Alolan variants.

Generation 7 Evolution Guide

Evolution is a wonderful thing. At certain levels, your junior Pokemon will take new and even more powerful forms. Not all evolutions happen naturally though — sometimes you’ll need to gain a level at night, during the day, or in a specific location.

Note: Not all Generation 7 Pokemon evolve. Ultra Beasts, (Certain) Legendaries, and a handful of outliers don’t evolve in Pokemon Sun and Moon. If the Pokemon is not listed below, it does not evolve.

The levels listed below are the MINIMUM level a Pokemon will evolve. If you level up and don’t evolve — don’t worry! Just fulfill the requirements on a later level-up to earn your evolution.


Evolution Requirements List

Scroll down or use [CTRL+F] to find the Pokemon you want to evolve.

Alolan Rattata / Alolan Raticate

  • First Form: Alolan Rattata
    • Evolves at Level 20 at Night
  • Second Form: Alolan Raticate

Pichu / Pikachu / Alolan Raichu

  • First Form: Pichu
    • Evolves if gained High Happiness
  • Second Form: Pikachu
    • Evolves after using a Thunder Stone
  • Third Form: Alolan Raichu

Alolan Sandshrew / Alolan Sandslash (Pokemon Moon Only)

  • First Form: Alolan Sandshrew
    • Evolves after using an Ice Stone
  • Second Form: Alolan Sandslash

Alolan Vulpix / Alolan Ninetales (Pokemon Sun Only)

  • First Form: Alolan Vulpix
    • Evolves after using an Ice Stone
  • Second Form: Alolan Ninetales

Alolan Diglett / Alolan Dugtrio

  • First Form: Alolan Diglett
    • Evolves at Level 26
  • Second Form: Alolan Dugtrio

Alolan Meowth / Alolan Persian 

  • First Form: Alolan Meowth
    • Evolves if gained High Happiness
  • Second Form: Alolan Persian

Alolan Geodude / Alolan Graveler / Alolan Golem

  • First Form: Alolan Geodude
    • Evolves at Level 25
  • Second Form: Alolan Graveler
    • Evolves when traded
  • Third Form: Alolan Golem

Alolan Grimer / Alolan Muk 

  • First Form: Alolan Grimer
    • Evolves at Level 38
  • Second Form: Alolan Muk

Exeggcute / Alolan Exeggutor 

  • First Form: Exeggcute
    • Evolves after using a Leaf Stone
  • Second Form: Alolan Exeggutor

Cubone / Alolan Marowak

  • First Form: Cubone
    • Evolves at Level 28 at Night
  • Second Form: Alolan Marowak

Litten / Torracat / Incineroar

  • First Form: Litten
    • Evolves at Level 17
  • Second Form: Torracat
    • Evolves at Level 34
  • Third Form: Incineroar

Rowlet / Dartrix / Decidueye

  • First Form: Popplio
    • Evolves at Level 17
  • Second Form: Dartrix
    • Evolves at Level 34
  • Third Form: Decidueye

Popplio / Brionne / Primarina

  • First Form: Popplio
    • Evolves at Level 17
  • Second Form: Brionne
    • Evolves at Level 34
  • Third Form: Primarina

Pikipek / Trumbeak / Toucannon

  • First Form: Pikipek
    • Evolves at Level 14
  • Second Form: Trumbeak
    • Evolves at Level 28
  • Third Form: Toucannon

Yungoos / Gumshoos

  • First Form: Yungoos
    • Evolves at Level 20 in the Morning
  • Second Form: Gumshoos

Grubbin / Charjabug / Vikavolt

  • First Form: Grubbin
    • Evolves at Level 20
  • Second Form: Charjabug
    • Evolves when Leveling Up at Vast Poni Canyon
  • Third Form: Vikabolt

Crabrawler / Crabonimable

  • First Form: Crabrawler
    • Evolves when Leveling Up on Mount Lanakila
  • Second Form: Crabonimable

Cutiefly / Ribombee

  • First Form: Cutiefly
    • Evolves at Level 25
  • Second Form: Ribombee

Rockruff / Lycanroc

  • First Form: Rockruff
    • Evolves at Level 25 in the Morning / Night
  • Second Form: Lycanroc (Midday / Midnight)
    • Pokemon Sun: Midday Form – Must be leveled in the morning.
    • Pokemon Moon: Midnight Form – Must be leveled at night.

Mareanie / Toxapex

  • First Form: Mareanie
    • Evolves at Level 38
  • Second Form: Toxapex

Mudbray / Mudsdale

  • First Form: Mudbray
    • Evolves at Level 30
  • Second Form: Mudsdale

Dewpider / Araquanid

  • First Form: Dewpider
    • Evolves at Level 22
  • Second Form: Araquanid

Fomantis / Lurantis

  • First Form: Fomantis
    • Evolves at Level 34 in the Morning / Daytime
  • Second Form: Lurantis

Morelull / Shiinotic

  • First Form: Morelull
    • Evolves at Level 24
  • Second Form: Shiinotic

Salandit / Salazzle

  • First Form: Salandit
    • Evolves at Level 33 (Females Only)
  • Second Form: Salazzle
    • Male Salandit will not evolve.

Stufful / Bewear

  • First Form: Stufful
    • Evolves at Level 27
  • Second Form: Bewear

Bounsweet / Steenee / Tsareena

  • First Form: Bounsweet
    • Evolves at Level 18
  • Second Form: Steenee
    • Evolves after gaining Stomp (Learned at Level 29)
  • Third Form: Tsareena

Wimpod / Golisopod

  • First Form: Wimpod
    • Evolves at Level 30
  • Second Form: Golisopod

Sandygast / Palossand

  • First Form: Sandygast
    • Evolves at Level 42
  • Second Form: Palossand

Type: Null / Silvally

  • First Form: Type: Null
    • Evolves if gained High Happiness
  • Second Form: Silvally

Jangmo-o / Hakamo-o / Kommo-o

  • First Form: Jangmo-o
    • Evolves at Level 35
  • Second Form: Hakamo-o
    • Evolves at Level 45
  • Third Form: Kommo-o

Cosmog / Cosmoem / Solgaleo / Lunala

  • First Form: Cosmog
    • Evolves at Level 43
  • Second Form: Cosmoem
    • Evolves at Level 53
  • Third Form: Solgaleo / Lunala
    • Pokemon Sun: Solgaleo
    • Pokemon Moon: Lunala

That’s all the Generation 7 (and Alolan Pokemon!) that can evolve in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Have fun reaching the next level on the sandy beaches of the Alola Region.

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