Infinite Warfare: Zombies in Spaceland – How to Get the X-quisite Core

On PC, PS4 & Xbox One: Complete your sticker pack with the final buildable upgrade — the X-quisite Core. Learn all the steps to getting it here.

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This is it, the final task to complete for Zombies in Spaceland.

If you’re into 100% completion, this is the only way to finish up your Infinite Warfare: Zombies sticker pack and unlock the “Sticker Collector” achievement / trophy. Getting the X-quisite Core is weird, complicated, and doesn’t make a whole lot of sense — so we’re going to explain how it works in detail.

 X-quisite Core Guide

[Requisites: Before tackling the X-quisite Core, you’ll have to complete the main Easter egg and defeat the Alien Boss / destroy the UFO.]

Find everything you need to know about the main Easter egg on the full tutorial here:

If you managed to finish all those challenges and destroyed the UFO, you can now begin hunting the X-quisite Core upgrade.

Step #1: Get an Elemental Upgrade

Before you can get the X-quisite Core upgrade, you’ll need an Elemental Core attachment for one of your weapons. Any random core will do.

How To get an Elemental Upgrade:

  1. Access the Pack-a-Punch room and interact with the inactive tiny UFOs on the table next to the Soul Jar.
  2. Follow the UFOs — kill 20-30 zombies with a trap near a UFO’s flight path.
  3. When the UFO changes flight paths, kill zombies with a weapon equipped with an Arcane Core.
    • Arcane Cores can be purchased for 300 tickets at the kiosks all over the map.
  4. Get kills near the UFO so it absorbs the souls. Get 20-30 kills and an Elemental Upgrade will appear.

Insert the Elemental Core into the Arcade Core weapon to get your elemental power. Find way more details by following the link below.

Step #2: Open Secret Panel Behind the Crocodile’s Mouth

This is a requirement for unlocking any of the Wonder Weapons, but if you managed to complete the Easter egg without any Wonder Weapon, you’ll want to take the following steps to open the door in the Crocodile Trap, found at Kepler.

How to Open the Croc Trap Doors:

  1. Find the Crocodile Mouth Trap in the Kepler System. When the power is on, the teeth will close on anything that passes through after a short timer. There is a strange locked door in the mouth.
  2. To open that door, lead a Brute into the teeth. When the teeth close on the Brute, they will partially shatter and leave behind tooth sockets.
  3. Go to the Astrocade and purchase the Gold Teeth (300 tickets) and place these teeth in the now-empty sockets of the Croc Trap.

Replacing the broken teeth with Gold Teeth will open the door and reveal a weird cabinet with four slots. Each section contains a crystal — and the only way to open each slot is with a different elemental weapon.

Step #3: Place the Elemental Orbs in Pack-a-Punch

Once you have the crystal — and this works even if you’ve finished building the Wonder Weapon — return to the Pack-a-Punch projector room.

  • To the left, there is a weird cabinet that looks very similar to the cabinet in the Croc’s Mouth. Hold down interact [F / X / Square] to place your item inside and get a sticker.

NOTE: Doing this will REMOVE the Elemental Upgrade from your weapon.

The Arcade Core will still be on the weapon — you can collect all four Elemental Upgrades on the same weapon.

Get all four Elemental Upgrades and their corresponding crystals from the Croc Trap crabinet, and place them all in the Pack-a-Punch cabinet. You’ll have do to this one at a time if you’re solo, but you do not need to construct the Wonder Weapons.

Elemental Effects – Trap Locations:

  • Fire Element: Kepler System (Chromosphere Trap) — Use the the spinning ride trap to suck in zombies.
  • Lightning Element: Galaxy Journey (Star Mission Trap) — Use the rocket engine trap to incinerate zombies.
  • Wind Element: Polar Peak (Roller Coaster Trap) — Use the Steel Dragon to shoot a laser at zombies.
  • Laser Element: Astrocade (Disco Trap) — Use the dance floor and disco ball to blast every zombie in the area.

Step 4: Buy the X-Quisite Arcane Core

Once you place all four elemental cores into the Pack-a-Punch cabinet, return to the identical cabinet in the Croc Trap’s mouth. Here, you can purchase the X-quisite Arcane Core and finally get the toughest set of stickers.

  • The X-Quisite Arcane Core costs 2,000 points.
    • It uses a purple ‘poison’ element. It does damage-over-time to any zombies it hits.

Other than that? The X-quisite Arcane Core isn’t exactly the greatest weapon upgrade in the world. It doesn’t make your life that much easier. The only reason to collect it is just to complete the sticker pack.

Achievement / Trophy Unlocked:

  • Batteries Not Included
    • In Spaceland, creat an Exquisite Core.

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