Infinite Warfare: Zombies in Spaceland – Souvenir Prize List | Coin Combos

On PC, PS4 & Xbox One: See what every coin combination drops with our quick Souvenir Station rewards guide.


In addition to the Mystery Wheel, Infinite Warfare: Zombies in Spaceland features the Souvenir Station. By collecting and inserting special souvenir coins dropped by dead zombies, you can get a variety of unique prizes from these stations. The problem is that you won’t find out what the Souvenir Stations drop until you’ve inserted three randomly-colored coins.

No more, because the community has come together and figured out what each and every Souvenir coin combination gets you. Check out the quickie explanation (and prize list) below for all the info.

Souvenir Prize List | Coin Combos

There are three types of Souvenir Coins – Blue, Gree, and Red.

All three types drop randomly from dead zombies. You can only carry one Souvenir Coin at a time, so once you collect one, immediately place it into a Souvenir Station.

Souvenir Stations are special reward vendors found throughough the map. They’re easy to distinguish — look for a vending machine with three large circle icons — those circles display which type of coin you’ve inserted, and it what order.

If you insert a certain combination of coins, you’ll unlock special rewards. Here are all the prizes available:

  • Souvenir Station Prizes:
    • Blue/Blue/Blue = Sentry Gun
    • Green/Green/Green = Repocrator
    • Red/Red/Red = Medusa Device
    • Red/Blue/Green = Kindle Pop
    • Blue/Blue/Green = Electric Trap
    • Blue/Green/Green = Boom Box
    • Green/Green/Red = Sentry Turret
    • Green/Red/Red = Boom Box
    • Red/Red/Blue = Fireworks
    • Red/Blue/Blue = Window Laser Trap

Those are all the basic combinations, but certain Souvenir Station locations will drop unique crafting parts. These dolls / items are parts for the Wonder Weapons found in each section of the map.

  • Polar Peek Souvenir Station
    • Green/Green/Green = Yeti Doll
  • Kepler System Souvenir Station
    • Red/Red/Red = Alien Doll
  • Astrocade Exterior Souvenir Station
    • Red/Blue/Green = Disco Ball
  • Galaxy Journey Souvenir Station
    • Blue/Blue/Blue = Wonder Weapon Component

If you’re looking for certain items and don’t want to get the Wonder Weapon stickers, make sure to use alternate Souvenir Stations, or just use the station in Cosmic Way.

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