Zombies in Spaceland: You Can Summon David Hasselhoff — Here’s How

On PC, PS4 & Xbox One: Get some help from the Hoff with this insane Zombies in Spaceland unlockable. Germans love him!


[UPDATE: Now you can PLAY as David Hasselhoff, too! Learn how to unlock him here.]

There’s nothing the Hoff can’t do, and the former star makes an explosive cameo in Infinite Warfare: Zombies in Spaceland. You might remember him from classic shows such as; Baywatch, and Knightrider.

Getting David Hasselhoff to appear isn’t super easy either, you’ll have to repair a malfunctioning (i.e. completely busted) robot in the center of the sci-fi themepark. It’s all worth it, because there’s no one else in this world with as much undeserved love as David Hasselhoff.

Check out the guide below for all the particular details, and stick with Gameranx as we delve deeper and deeper into the Zombies in Spaceland Easter egg.

How to Unlock David Hasselhoff

Want to get a beautiful glimpse of the man known as Hasselhoff? Here’s what you’re going to need to do.

Leave the Spawn room and enter the central area of the park. Find the N31L robot in the middle, right before you reach the deactivated (or activated, depending on your progress) teleportation portal.


  • Step #1: Find N31L’s missing head. Return the head to N31L to get him talking.
    • The head is on a candy cluster stand behind the central portal, to the right (before) reaching the bridge.
    • The head may appear in more than one location. (We’ll update as we find more locations.)
  • Step #2: Complete 5 of N3IL’s random challenges.
    • Accept N31L’s challenges as they appear. A window in the upper-left corner will reveal the random challenge with a timer.
    • The challenges are simple — stuff like “Kill 5 Zombies with melee kills” or “Kill 12 Zombies from a distance” — you’ll earn tickets for completing the challenges.
    • After each challenge is complete, N31L’s bar will fill by 1/5th. Complete all five to reach the next step.
  • Step #3: Initiate the Knight Industries Protocol
    • After finishing the challenges, approach N31L and press [X / Square] to initiate the “Knight Industries Two Thousand Protocol” — and… N31L will fly away.

But who does N31L bring back? Why, it’s David Hasselhoff! He’s an AI partner that follows you around and shoots any zombies that get in your way. He even appears in a stylish, reclining pose that all the ladies (and guys, let’s be honest) love.

This is just a single bizarre aspect of Zombies in Spaceland, and we’re always hungry for more. Check back soon for tons of new secrets.

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