CoD: Infinite Warfare – How to Unlock the Permadeath YOLO Difficulty

On PC, PS4 & Xbox One: You only live once with this hardcore unlockable difficulty level for Infinite Warfare. Here’s how to unlock it, and how it works.


Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare features a cruel new Ironman-style difficulty level where you’ll have only one life to complete the campaign.

That’s a lot of pressure, and just unlocking this insane challenge won’t be easy — however, it will be totally easy to explain. The hardest difficulty levels in the Call of Duty series have softened since the painful days of Modern Warfare, so if you’re looking for a true stress test of your skills, YOLO mode just might be the way to go.

Keep scrolling for a quick overview of YOLO mode; how to unlock it, and how it all works.

How to Unlock the Permadeath YOLO Difficulty

YOLO Mode is a genuine permadeath difficulty level. One death will send you to the very beginning of the game. No reloading checkpoints or restarting missions — death is permanent.

  • How to Unlock YOLO Mode: Complete the campaign on Specialist Difficulty.

YOLO Mode is similar to the highest difficulty level — except death is permanent. You’ll take damage / die just as quickly from bullet damage.

Although you cannot reload checkpoints or restart after death, you can pause and save / exit the game and return playing from your most recent autosave. You don’t have to complete the campaign in one run — apparently YOLO mode is sadistic, but it isn’t that cruel.

This just might be the first unlockable difficulty level in Call of Duty history. At least, I can’t recall another that changes how the game plays so drastically. I could be (probably am) totally wrong about that.

If there’s more awesome secrets to discover related to YOLO Mode, we’ll update this article with our findings. Plan on taking on this challenge? Let us know in the comments!

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