Infinite Warfare: Zombies in Spaceland – Elemental Effects Upgrade Guide

On PC, PS4 & Xbox One: Unleash the power of storm, flame, wind and poison — here’s how to get all the elemental weapon upgrades from Zombies in Spaceland.


As if the Pack-a-Punch machine wasn’t enough to survive Zombies in Spaceland, you can also upgrade your weapons with elemental effecs like lighning, fire, and venom using unlockable elemental effects. We’re going to break things down and explain how to obtain all four elemental upgrades in the tutorial below.

Elemental Effects Upgrade Guide

There are four elemental effects you can use to upgrade weapons in your arsenal. Elemental effects are a permanent upgrade, and change the way your shots function. You can equip one Elemental Effect per weapon — and they’re all pretty useful.

  • Fire: Lights zombies on fire with each shot.
  • Lightning: Zaps zombies with chain lightning.
  • Venom: Poisons zombies and causes damage-over-time.
  • Wind: Blows back zombies with the power of wind.

Note: Only ONE elemental effect can be equipped to one gun. You cannot swap or gain additional elemental effects after upgrading your weapon — you’ll have to switch to a different weapon. Once an Elemental Orb is collected, other players cannot collect it. Instead, they’ll have to complete all the steps again to spawn a second Elemental Orb.

The Basic Steps – How to Find Elemental Cores

Each Elemental Effect is located in a different section of the park, but the basic steps remain the same. Here’s what you’ll need to do every single time to unlock an Elemental Core.

  1. Turn on the power in all sections and reach the Pack-a-Punch machine.
  2. To the left of the Pack-a-Punch machine, you’ll find a strange Soul Jar. To the left of the jar, there’s a table covered with dormant UFOs. Interact with  the UFOs to activate them so they hover near four trap sites. [No prompt will appear, just hold Square / X until the UFOs fly off.]
    • The UFOs will circle one of the trap sites in four map locations; Kepler System, Astrocade, Polar Peak, or Galaxy Journey.
  3. Find the UFO and use the nearby trap system to kill zombies.
    • Continue to get kills with the trap until the UFO changes flight directions. It will begin flying around the area instead of only near the trap.
  4. Next, get kills with a weapon mounted with an Arcane Core near the UFO to charge the UFO with souls. You’ll see the souls fly toward the UFO.
    • Arcane Cores cost 300 tickets and are available to purchase from 3-item vendors scattered around the map. The Arcane Core is the most expensive item available.
      • TIP: Ride the Polar Peak Roller Coaster for an easy 150 tickets per ride.
  5. After about 30~ kills, the Elemental Core will drop near the trap. Collect it to upgrade your Arcane Core weapon with one of four Elemental Effects.

Those are the basic steps you’ll need to complete to earn an element, but each Elemental Effect is tied to a location. Here are the four traps and their corresponding elemental effects.

Elemental Effects – Trap Locations:

  • Fire Element: Kepler System (Chromosphere Trap) — Use the the spinning ride trap to suck in zombies.
  • Lightning Element: Galaxy Journey (Star Mission Trap) — Use the rocket engine trap to incinerate zombies.
  • Wind Element: Polar Peak (Roller Coaster Trap) — Use the Steel Dragon to shoot a laser at zombies.
  • Poison Element: Astrocade (Disco Trap) — Use the dance floor and disco ball to blast every zombie in the area.

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