10 Features We Desperately Want For Red Dead Redemption 2

A larger world, more random events, multiple protagonists, and more!


One of Rockstar’s critical acclaim hits is almost nearing its tenth anniversary. Red Dead Redemption launched in 2010 and this open-world western title found a massive following for its take on the old frontier and the story narrative.

Rockstar recently revealed that a sequel to Red Dead Redemption will be launching next year and already fans are thrilled at the upcoming release. This has us thinking back to Red Dead Redemption and what areas the development team could possibly improve on.

We listed our ten most wanted features in the upcoming sequel and of course, would like to know what features you would like to see in Red Dead Redemption 2. Let us know by leaving a comment down below.

Additional Protagonists


When Rockstar released Grand Theft Auto V they gave players a brand new feature that heavily focused on the overall story narrative and that was multiple protagonists. This feature gave players the freedom to switch between three total protagonists all of which had their own different motives.

Red Dead Redemption could really showcase a range of different characters, from natives, outlaws, to a constable. All of which could work together despite their outlook differences. After all, during this time period, the world was far from a clear cut between good and bad, but instead a moral gray area.

More Civilization


Okay, we get that the old west means that we’re far away from the city life that is present within the Grand Theft Auto franchise, but Red Dead Redemption 2 could use a bit more civilization. In Red Dead Redemption, entering a city usually means that in a few seconds, you could easily clear the entire town and find yourself back out in an empty desert wasteland.

There should be bigger towns and more of a living world in Red Dead Redemption 2. Having more interactions and not necessarily feeling like you’re in the middle of nowhere would be a slightly nice changeup. That’s not to say Red Dead Redemption 2 shouldn’t have deserts and wastelands to explore, but there should be a nice balance of a living world in the mix.

More Events


This goes in hand with our previous point of Red Dead Redemption having more of a living civilization. In Red Dead Redemption, Rockstar delivered random events which gave players  short campaigns or tasks that they could get involved with at any given moment.

During your travels, you may find that a bandit has stolen a young lady’s horse or find a person desperately running away from a pack of hungry wolves. Let’s add on top of this by giving players even more sporadic events. We could help or prevent bank robberies, brawls, shootouts, and everything in between. We loved this feature in Red Dead Redemption along with Grand Theft Auto V so we’re pretty thrilled as to what the developers have up their sleeves next.

Larger World


Much like our point about Red Dead Redemption 2 having a more lived-in world, Rockstar should increase the map size for their upcoming release. Let’s toss in little shanty towns, big cities, desert wastelands, bandit locations, and more. Make it a real journey to reach one end of the map to the other while going by horseback.



Hunting and scavenging played a role in Red Dead Redemption, but Rockstar could expand on it. By adding a marketplace for both offline and online modes, players could set prices and haggle with NPCs or other players on goods they found or made.

More Influences For Good/Bad


Within Red Dead Redemption, players could play as an outlaw or a heroic legend and it’s something that will likely show up in the upcoming sequel. Perhaps the developers will offer more influences on going either route. Ideally, there may be partnerships, deals, and even story changes by turning towards an outlaw or staying on the good side of the law.

PC Support


Red Dead Redemption released all the way back in 2010 and despite the video games critical acclaim and following, Rockstar had only released the title for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.  While the video game has made its way to current generation consoles through their various backward compatibility features and services, PC gamers are still left without the ability to enjoy the title.

We’re hoping that Rockstar doesn’t forget about PC gamers this time around and brings out Red Dead Redemption 2 to more than just console platforms. Going one step further, perhaps a remastered release of Red Dead Redemption could be a bonus for both console and PC platforms, but that might be wishful thinking.

Choices In Story Direction


As mentioned above, the old west was full of moral ambiguity and not everything is purely clear cut. This is something we would love to see more apparent in Red Dead Redemption 2. Giving players choices and pathways which could alter the story. This would not only add towards an entertainment value but also give players a reason to replay the video game.

In my opinion, the more choices and options gamers are given the better and it could allow gamers to share their experiences of the video game.

More Customization Options


Rockstar has found a goldmine with Grand Theft Auto Online. Players are easily spending money to convert into a virtual currency while browsing around Los Santos. It would be nice to see Rockstar also implement more ways to spend money in the old west.

This could add more customization options for characters apparel, weaponry, to even safe house type locations. Not to mention owning your own business and managing it would be a neat little venture within the old frontier. Regardless, having customization options would be a major plus for Red Dead Redemption’s sequel.

Survival For Outdoor Environments


Being in the old west and stranded from a nearby town should make for difficult time. Survival should be tough in the open environments which may range from harsh weather to tough predators that lurk about.

One thing we would like to change in terms of the environment is giving players the ability to actually swim instead of instantly dying once players got wet.