Infinite Warfare: Zombies in Spaceland – How to Repair N31L | All 3 Parts

On PC, PS4 & Xbox One: Find all three missing parts for N31L, the friendly robot that hands out ticket challenges and delivers David Hasselhoff.


Zombies in Spaceland is one far-out sci-fi rollercoaster ride, and if you want to reach the end you’re going to have to repair the friendly hub robot named N31L.

This R.O.B.-like helper is found smack-dab in the center of the Spaceland park, right near the middle portal that (eventually) takes you to the Pack-a-Punch machine. This is already sounding complicated, so let’s make things simple — N31L has three parts, and finding them all will complete his upgrades. We’ve got those three locations below.

How to Repair N31L | All 3 Parts

N31L is a special robot located in the center of the park. Find his ruined robot form in the center of the Spaceland park hub area, directly ahead of the middle portal. Stepping up to him, your character will comment that he’s broken.

  • You can repair him — there are three upgrade parts available in the Park. The first, his head, is the easiest to get; putting on the head will also unlock challenges. Complete 5 challenges and you’ll get a chance to summon actor David Hasselhoff to temporarily help you kill zombies.

Each upgrade has its own use. Follow the steps below to get them all and fully repair N31L.

Upgrade #1: Neil’s Head

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Neil’s Head is found on the candy cart to the right of the bridge that leads to Polar Peak. Interact with the head [Square / X] to pick it up, then interact again to place the head on N31L’s body.

From this point on, N31L will move around the hub area and offer suggested challenges. These are random, simple challenges on a timer. Complete the challenges to earn tickets, and to fill N31L’s meter.

  • You must complete all five challenges and summon David Hasselhoff to continue the upgrade path.

Complete all 5 challenges, then interact with N31L. He’ll fly away and deliver a David Hasselhoff AI partner to temporarily help you. Once Hasselhoff is out of here, you’ll be able to get the second part.

Upgrade #2: Auxiliary Battery

The Auxiliary Battery can spawn in one of three locations in the Kepler System area of the park. It will always spawn in one of these random locations, so check all three if you’re unlucky and can’t find it right away.

  • Location #1: On the ice cream cart directly in front of the Chromosphere ride trap.
  • Location #2: Found on a bench near the DJ Deck area of the Kepler System.
  • Location #3: In a trashcan next to the RPR EVO wall buy in Polar Peak.

Insert the battery into N31L and he’ll give you another set of randomized challenges. These are going to be tougher challenges, so don’t forget you can pause any challenge by interacting with N31L.

Complete all the challenges to fill N31L’s meter. Once he is fully-charged, interact to summon David Hasselhoff with another Knight Industries Protocol Two Thousand. Wait until the temporary ally takes off for space yet again and you’ll be able to reach the third and final upgrade for N31L.

Upgrade #3: Operating System Reinstall

N31L needs an OS reinstall to function properly now. All the floppy disks containing N31L’s OS can be found in the underground area of the map. Open the path to the maintenance tunnels to start exploring — the OS floppy will randomly spawn at one of three locations.

  • Location #1: On a toolbox near a workbench, next to the hallway that leads toward the Astrocade or the Kepler System.
  • Location #2: On a folding table. [More details coming soon.]
  • Location #3: In the underground. [More details coming soon.]

Return the OS floppy to N31L to reach his final set of challenges. These are going to be even tougher, but if you’re well-equipped, it should be no problem. Deal with the challenges, initiate the Knight Industries Protocol yet again, and you’ll finally upgrade N31L fully.

Fully-Upgraded N31L — What Does He Do?

Now that N31L is upgraded, you can spend 5000 points to summon David Hasselhoff at any time. Sounds great? Well, okay, it isn’t that great.

We suspect N31L is hiding something at this stage. We’ll update this page once we learn more.

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