Zombies in Spaceland: Now You Can Play As David Hasselhoff, Too

On PC, PS4 & Xbox One: Summoning the ‘Hoff wasn’t enough. Now you can BE the ‘Hoff. Learn how to initiate every Baywatch fan’s dream right here.


Let’s get one thing straight — summoning David Hasselhoff to help you fight the undead is a thing in Zombies in Spaceland. Well, if that wasn’t enough, the extremely thirsty Call of Duty: Zombies community has found a way to BECOME David Hasselhoff in-game.

Maybe it’s possible to love one man too much. David Hasselhoff, bizarrely, is 100% crucial to the main Easter egg solution. Found in the Journey into Space section, the ‘Hoff is busy spinning tracks in his DJ Booth and mostly ignoring the chaos of this weird film-world. We don’t know why. Maybe it’s because he was in Knightrider? That’s our best guess.

[Note: Completing this challenge will also unlock the “Hoff the Charts!” achievement / trophy.]

How to Become David Hasselhoff

NOTE: Once you complete the Easter egg, you’ll be able to play as him in all future sessions. He’s unlocked forever!

The first step to becoming David Hasselhoff is… completing the main Easter egg for Zombies in Spaceland. Yeah, no biggie. Learn how to complete all the major steps right here:

Weirdly enough, playing as the ‘Hoff isn’t an in-game event. It’s a CHEAT CODE. You have to put in a special sequence in the Custom Match menu — this is hardly a cheat, because you have to work your butt off to unlock it — but it is absolutely a code.

  • How to Play As Hasselhoff:
    • Complete the main Easter egg one time.
    • Any time after, go to the Custom Match menu.
    • Input a cheat code.
      • Code: Left, Right, Left, Up, Down

David Hasselhoff is now unlocked!

So, how did people figure this out? You can actually see the code inside the ‘Hoff’s DJ Booth in-game, on a little scrap of dirty paper.

Now you can play as him whenever you like. He doesn’t really do anything special, but you get his voice, his looks, and you can blow your friends’ minds.

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