Infinite Warfare: Zombies in Spaceland – Survive on Solo With This Trick

On PC, PS4 & Xbox One: Live longer and farm plenty of points for better weapons with this solo survival trick on Zombies in Spaceland.


Zombies in Spaceland is designed for a team of four, but if you’re willing to use a few tricks, it is totally possible to survive for high rounds solo. Getting powerful weapons is a priority, and that require plenty of cash. As the Zombies get tougher (and faster), your chances of survival will steeply diminish.

Thankfully, there is a trick that’ll help you survive. All you have to do is run around in circles. Okay, it isn’t that simple, but there’s an area in Cosmic Way where escaping zombies on high rounds is actually pretty possible. Remember, this is all about high round survival when things get dicey. Check out the trick below.

How to Survive High Rounds Solo

This method for survival comes from the Zombies expert over on Random Chievo’s. Check out their Youtube channel here. The basic strategy works like this;

  • On Scene 17-20+, there is one location in Cosmic Way that will help you survive.
  • Go to the teleporter platform in the center of Cosmic Way [Hub] and run in circles around the portal.
    • Always check your front / back before shooting. Even when turning to shoot them, always back-up.
  • Once the group of zombies is behind you, sprint forward and dodge any incoming zombies.
    • Now that the zombies are herded, you can periodically turn around and kill a few before turning to sprint and circle.
  • Don’t kill too many at a time. If too many spawn at once, it will be difficult to dodge them if they run at you from the front.
    • Try to kill one two-three zombies at a time. You need the zombies to stay behind you.
    • Keep sprinting! If zombies drop power-ups, you can grab them as you circle the platform clockwise / counterclockwise.

That’s easily the safest way to avoid death playing solo. Watch out for Nuke power-ups, though! Killing too many at once means you’ll be surrounded, as the zombies will spawn from areas all around you.

Makes sense? If not, watch the video and see it for yourself.

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