Infinite Warfare: Zombies in Spaceland – How to Unlock the Pack-a-Punch

On PC, PS4 & Xbox One: Upgrade your Zombies in Spaceland arsenal with the elusive Pack-a-Punch machine. Here’s how to unlock it.


After turning on the power, every Zombies player’s next priority should always be unlocking the all-powerful Pack-a-Punch. The ubiquitous upgrade vending machine is back for Zombies in Spaceland, and making it available requires traversing the entire map.

For those that are new to Call of Duty: Zombies, the Pack-a-Punch is a vending machine that eats your primary weapon and spits out an upgraded version. Dealing more damage is critical as the rounds tick higher and zombies get tougher, and finding the Pack-a-Punch is always your first (major) step toward those larger Easter eggs.

How to Unlock the Pack-a-Punch

The Pack-a-Punch machine is a hidden upgrade vendor that will take your currently-held weapon and replace it with a more powerful version. The upgrade costs $5000 points.

Step #1: Turn on the Power

To activate the Pack-a-Punch, first you’ll need to turn on the power in all four locations (outside spawn) to activate the portals. Portals are circular, metallic gateways that are always located near their corresponding Power Switch.


Find our full tutorial for turning on the power here, or check out the four main locations you’ll need below.

NOTE: After using each Power Switch, teleport back to the center of the map via one of the nearby Portals.

  • Activate the Portals With These 4 Power Switches:
    • Galaxy Journey: Go through the left door of the ‘Star Mission’ attraction with the giant rocket ship facade at the back of the Galaxy Journey area. The switch is on the left wall, before entering the bumper car area.
    • Astrocade: From the Galaxy Journey entrance, find the deactivated portal gateway on the right wall. Continue forward and turn right just past the gateway to find a tiny alcove near a Zombie spawn window. The switch for this mini-area is found here.
    • Polar Peak Roller Coaster: In the Tritan-themed section of the park, enter the roller coaster lobby and take the stairs up. The curved ramp staircase leads to another buy-wall ($1250) — unlock the path and look to the left wall right past the perk machine to find your switch.
    • Kepler System: From the entrance, unlock the left path and go up the stairs to the Moonlight Cafe. The last power switch is connected to the left exterior wall of the cafe, right next to the steps.

Step #2: Traverse the Four Portals

Once the power has been restored to an area, the Portals will become active.

  • To use the Portals, activate the control box located next to the swirling metal portal device. Interact and after a few seconds the Portal will activate.

Return to the center of the park via all four portals — above the central portal, you’ll see four bright yellow dots. After returning through each external portal, you’ll see those yellow dots turn blue. Turn all four yellow dots blue to complete the next step.

Step #3: Enter the Projection Room

Call of Duty®: Infinite Warfare_20161108102509

When all four blue dots are lit-up, look into the center portal — there’s a new direction you can go! Interact with the portal to enter the Projection Room.

  • The Pack-a-Punch machine is found inside the large movie projector.

The Projection Room features plenty of creepy markings and Easter egg secrets, too. You can bet there’s a lot more you need to get done in this Projection Room, but for now enjoy those upgraded weapons.

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