Infinite Warfare: Zombies in Spaceland – How to Upgrade Pack-A-Punch

On PC, PS4 & Xbox One: By completing the main Easter egg, you gain the ability to upgrade the Pack-a-Punch and even improve those Wonder Weapons.

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Completing the main Easter egg isn’t the end for Zombies in Spaceland — there’s still more to do and explore in the zombie-infested theme park.

For defeating the final boss, you’ll gain a special item that isn’t just about proving your online superiority; inserting it into the Pack-a-Punch machine allows you to get a second upgrade for every weapon. Even guns that couldn’t be Pack-a-Punch’d can now get upgraded. Pretty nice, right?

Check out the guide below for all the quick details on this hidden bonus.

How to Upgrade Pack-A-Punch

The first step to upgrading the Pack-A-Punch is… finishing the main Easter egg. Find all the steps to complete it here:

Yeah, that’s a pretty tall order, but the Pack-a-Punch upgrade is worth it if you want to survive an insane amount of rounds. With the right team, you might be able to keep going (almost) infinitely.

  • How to Upgrade the Pack-a-Punch:
    1. Defeat the Alien Boss at the end of the main Easter egg quest.
    2. Collect the Alien Fuse from the boss.
    3. Use the Alien Fuse on the Pack-a-Punch machine through the portal.

Now you can Pack-a-Punch ANY weapon, or get a second (even more powerful) Pack-a-Punch for weapons you’ve already upgraded. Here’s how it works:

  • First Pack-A-Punch: 5,000 points – most weapons can be upgraded (No Wonder Weapons)
  • Second Pack-A-Punch: 10,000 points – all weapons can be upgraded

For basic guns, you’ll insert the weapon into the Pack-a-Punch machine for the first (5,000) upgrade, then you can insert that same weapon again for a second (10,000) upgrade.

Yeah, that’s a steep price, but it’s also worth it. Especially if you have one of the Weapons of Rock. These deadly laser weapons, when upgraded with Elemental powers and the second-level Pack-a-Punch, are pretty much unstoppable.

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