CoD: Infinite Warfare – Most-Wanted Target Locations | ‘Royal Flush’ Guide

On PC, PS4 & Xbox One: Complete the Most-Wanted board and kill every SDF Ace and Captain with Gameranx’s Infinite Warfare side-quest guide.


Find all the Most-Wanted Targets with Gameranx on our Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare side-quest guide. There are three achievements / trophies to unlock for hunting down high priority SDF Officers and Aces. Taking a page from the ‘Deck of 52’ — each achievement / trophy knocks out another set of playing-card themed terms; Ante Up, Aces High, and Royal Flush will all unlock as you kill your way to the top of the SDF foodchain.

Most of these characters can’t be missed if you don’t finish every side-quest. You don’t even have to be the one to kill the target — if one of your allies takes out a Most-Wanted name, it stills get crossed off your big board.

Most-Wanted Target Locations | ‘Royal Flush’ Guide

As the campaign progresses, more names will appear on the board, and more optional missions will become available. We’re going to reveal where each and every name is found, but there’s an easier way — complete every side-mission, and always target the Ace Pilots first — they’re designated by a yellow symbol while dog-fighting.

Main Missions – Target Locations:

  • Operation Port Armor
    • Cpt. Bradley Fillion – Killed when you breach the Command Deck of the SDF airship.
  • Operation Blood Storm
    • Cpt. Rion Jones – SDF Ace Pilot, watch for the yellow symbol on their red marker to identify.
    • Sr. Lt. Khoa Le – Another SDF Ace pilot.
    • Jr. Lt. Moudy Hamo – Another SDF Ace pilot.

Adm. Salen Kotch and Adm. Akeel Min Riah are encountered in the main campaign. Complete the story — they cannot be missed.

Side Missions – Target Locations:

  • Operation Phoenix
    • Cpt. Tara S Emin – SDF Ace pilot encountered after stealing the SDJ prototype.
    • Col. Young Kim – Another SDF Ace pilot encountered at the end of the mission.
    • Maj. Nicolas Rado – Another SDF Ace pilot.
    • Jr. Lt. Cesar Magana – Yet another SDF Ace pilot.
  • Operation Deep Execute
    • Vice Admiral Caleb Thies – Encountered in the planning room.
    • Cpt. Oren Emin – Another high-priority target found in the planning room.
    • Cpt. Khosi Siyada – Another target killed in the planning room raid.
    • Jr. Lt. Andrew Hawryluk – SDF Ace that appears after escaping the SDF airship.
    • Sr. Lt. Omar Gatica – Another SDF Ace encountered during the flight sequence.
    • Lt. Matthew Tovar – The final SDF Ace opponent at the end of the mission.
  • Operation Taken Dagger
    • Cpt. Lt. Radoslav Barkov – The leading officer near the hostages located in the ship’s cargo bay.
  • Operation Trace Kill
    • Sr. Lt. Suresh Malakar – SDF Ace pilot engaged during the mission.
    • Cpt. Yenal Kal – Another SDF Ace pilot.
    • Sr. Lt. Taylor Kurosaki – Another SDF Ace pilot.
    • Jr. Lt. David Schorn – Another SDF Ace pilot.
    • Lt. Tom Szakolczay – The last SDF Ace pilot.
  • Operation Grave Digger
    • WCdr. Ivan Perez – SDF Ace pilot.
  • Operation D-Con
    • Vice Admiral Vlad Derhachov – Commander of the SDF airship. He is killed when the airship is destroyed.
    • Lt. Rulon Raymond – SDF Ace pilot encountered in the Jackal dogfighting sequence.
    • Lt. Serozh Sarkisyan – Another SDF Ace pilot.
  • Operation Sudden Death
    • Lt. Col. Damien Nichols – SDF Ace pilot.
    • Lt. Sergio Gil – Killed during the operation.
  • Operation Safe Harbor
    • Sr. Lt. Attila Zalanyi – Found on the SDF airship.

Achievements / Trophies Unlocked

  • Ante Up
    • Get your first kill on the most-wanted board.
  • Aces High
    • Clear half of the most-wanted board.
  • Royal Flush
    • All SDF Aces and Captains killed.

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