CoD: Infinite Warfare – All Equipment Locations | ‘Fully Equipped’ Guide

On PC, PS4 & Xbox One: Provide a measure of ‘Peace to the Fallen’ with the death logs and see how to earn this achievement / trophy.


Improve your equipment in the campaign for Infinite Warfare with these hidden upgrades, scattered across the universe and just waiting for the right Commander to collect.

Finding every upgrade unlocks the ‘Fully Equipped‘ achievement / trophy, and these equipment improvements aren’t just simple stat increases. Some change the functionality of your equipment — allowing you to deploy more drones, auto-detonate Seekers, or take direct control of robot opponents.

Basically, even if you’re not going for completion, these are cool upgrades to unlock and can make life easier while fighting across the frontiers of space. Check out all the locations below.

All Equipment Locations | ‘Fully Equipped’ Guide

Equipment upgrades are always found on activate computer terminals. Look for terminals that are powered-on to a blue-hued screen. A large button prompt icon will hover over the terminal monitor from far away. Follow the prompt to unlock the terminal and download the upgrade.

  • Frag Grenade Upgrade 1
    • Effect: Increases damage done to enemy robots.
    • Location: Port Armor – Use the open computer terminal to the right of the armory arsenal of weapons.
  • Anti-Gravity Upgrade 1
    • Effect: Increases duration of the grenade
    • Location: Port Armor – Turn right into the optional side-room while moving down the hallway to escape the ship before the counter reaches zero.
  • Shock Grenade Upgrade 1
    • Effect: Enemies caught in the center of the grenade take greater damage.
    • Location: Port Armor – Follow the objective to the control room switch that opens the ship’s hangar to suck out the remaining enemies.
  • Seeker-Bot Upgrade 1
    • Effect: Hold [R1 / RB] when deploying the Seeker to choose the target.
    • Location: Taken Dagger – Find the terminal in a side-room on the lower floor of the area with the conveyors (torpedo bay). There’s a room with a gun and a new equipment upgrade.
  • Retractable Shield Upgrade 1
    • Effect: Upgrades the battery to improve the radar and allow for longer-lasting protection.
    • Location: Taken Dagger – You’ll earn this by hacking the same terminal where ‘Seeker-Bot v2’ is found.
  • Anti-Gravity Grenade Upgrade 2
    • Effect: Increases the radius of the explosion.
    • Location: Burn Water – Entering a colony compound, look for a left-hand path that leads to an open door with an armory inside. Enter the second room of the armory to find an upgrade terminal.
  • Shock Grenade Upgrade 2
    • Effect: Increases the damage done to C8 robots.
    • Location: Black Flag – On the burning street, pass the cars and jump into the wreckage that’s blocking the entire road. Double-jump into the open doorway to find a hidden upgrade terminal.
  • Hacking Device Upgrade 1
    • Effect: The hacking device is faster at hacking C8 robots and can also now lock on to and control C8 robots.
    • Location: Black Flag – Same location as ‘Shock Grenade v2’ — you’ll earn it from the same terminal.
  • Seeker-Bot Upgrade 2
    • Effect: Quickly double-tap [Square / X] to detonate the Seeker on command.
    • Location: Dcon – In the burning interior, enter a door that opens to two paths — one left, and one straight forward. There’s an ammo crate on the left path. Go left and enter the first door on your right.
  • Frag Grenade Upgrade 2
    • Effect: Enemies that survive the explosion will be highlighted by your visor.
    • Location: Dcon – In the combat area (torpedo bay) with the yellow forklifts, enter the back corner room on a small (2-3 step) platform with a railing you can use for cover. There’s a small arsenal inside, and an upgrade terminal.
  • ATAD Upgrade 1
    • Effect: The maximum amount of ATADs that can be deployed at once is increased to four.
    • Location: Deep Execute – Inside yet another torpedo bay armory, you’ll find an equipment upgrade terminal for looting.
  • Foam Wall Upgrade 1
    • Effect: Quickly double-tap [Square / X] to detonate the Foam Wall on command.
    • Location: Deep Execute – Same room as the ‘ATAD’ upgrade.

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