CoD: Infinite Warfare – All Weapon Scan Locations | ‘Gun Nut’ Guide

On PC, PS4 & Xbox One: Become a true ‘Gun Nut’ and scan every weapon in Infinite Warfare with this full locations guide.


Infinite Warfare features a sci-fi twist on the usual weapon collecting found in other Call of Duty singleplayer stories. This time around, you can scan every single weapon on the battlefield, and if you manage to get them all, you’ll unlock the ‘Gun Nut‘ achievement / trophy. There are a lot of guns in this galaxy, so we’ll point out where to find them all.

There’s a reason you’ll want to track down weapons — anything you find (and scan) on the battlefield, you can copy and use while preparing for the next mission. Scanned weapons can be equipped from the loadout screen, and all you have to do to scan a gun is pick it up. When the scan is complete, you can drop the new weapon and swap to something else.

All Weapon Scan Locations | ‘Gun Nut’ Guide

To scan a weapon, simply pick it up and a ‘scanning’ animation will occur if this is the first time you’ve picked up a new weapon. Most weapons can be found dropped by enemy soldiers, but some very special tools of destruction are only available if you complete side-quests.

Note: After collecting a weapon, continue until you hit an autosave checkpoint. This will save the weapon. You can now exit out of the mission if you’ve already completed it. 

Weapon Locations By Type

  • Submachine Gun
    • Karma-45: Black Sky – Common SMG carried by SDF forces.
    • PRP EVO: Deep Execute / Phoenix – Found in the armory.
    • HVR: Phoenix – Carried by the scouts in the zero-g sequence. May require a mission restart to spawn.
    • Erad: Port Armor / Black Flag – Carried by SDF soldiers, especially in the Coast Guard HQ. When landing in ‘Black Flag – The Trap Is Sprung’, find the SMG next to the stairs on the left side as the battle begins.
  • Assault Rifle
    • Volk: Black Sky – A common Assault Rifle carried by SDF forces. Used by one of the soldiers in your first encounter as you escape the crashed flyer.
    • KBar-32: Black Sky – After stepping out to the boardwalk and gaining a frag grenade for Salter, find this weapon on the ground straight ahead from the open gate entrance.
    • R3K: Taken Dagger – Breach the wall and enter the ship. The R3k can be found in the armory weapon racks straight ahead and to the left.
    • Type-2: Port Armor – Carried by soldiers during the airship boarding sequence. Check the armory after the time limit begins to count down. May require a restart.
  • Light Machine Gun
    • RAW: Black Sky – Found on the stone railing overlooking the fountain plaza overrun with C8’s. It will glow yellow — grab it from the elevated firing position.
    • Mauler: Port Armor – Once you leave the main terminal where the civilians have been murdered, you’ll pass a security checkpoint and enter a Coast Guard armory. The Mauler can be found on the weapon racks here.
    • Titan: Black Flag – During the boarding sequence, find the Titan resting vertically against a cargo container on the left side of the area, before you reach the stairs up.
  • Sniper Rifle
    • KBS Longbow: Black Flag – During the Prisoner Escort sequence, you’ll exit out onto the streets. Turn right to find this rifle located in a corner doorway, opposite the burning buildings on the left.
  • Handgun
    • EMC: Black Sky / Others – Common weapon carried by all SDF forces. Will always appear on wounded soldiers. Injured soldiers, when crawling, will use their pistol.
    • Oni: Port Armor / Black Flag – Found in the armory after the escape timer begins on the enemy airship. Can also be found to the left inside a cargo container to the left just as ‘Black Flag’ begins.
  • Shotgun
    • Reaver: Port Armor – Moving past the civilian terminal, you’ll reach the Coast Guard restricted area and make a pitstop at an armory. The racks here contain the Reaver and the Mauler.
    • DCM-8: Taken Dagger – After breaching through the airship window, check the weapon cabinets against the back-left wall to find the DCM-8 shotgun and the R3K Assault Rifle.
    • Banshee: Black Flag – During the Prisoner Escort sequence, the Banshee is used by fast-moving close-combat soldiers. May require a restart.
  • Heavy Weapon
    • F-SPAR Torch: Port Armor – Dropped by the large shield robot enemies. Destroy one to find the Torch on the ground with the wreckage.
    • P-Law: Taken Dagger – Found in the armory at the end of the mission. Can’t be missed if you take the optional Boarding Mission.
    • Ballista EM3: D-Con – Collect it from the armory in this side-quest. Following your allies, turn left at a hallway marked by an ammo crate. There’s an armory you might miss with this weapon.
    • Eraser: Deep Execute – Special weapon found in the airship’s torpedo bay. Hack the armory to collect it.
    • Spartan SA3: Burn Water – In the C12 encouter arena, find the Rocket Launcher in the upper-left weapon crate corner.

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