Shadow Warrior 2: Dev Rooms & Old-School Naked Sprite Easter Eggs

On PC, PS4 & Xbox One: Check out the Dragon Mountain hub as we uncover developer rooms and original Shadow Warrior sprites.


This isn’t going to shock anyone, but Shadow Warrior 2 features a few Easter eggs. We’ve found two are that worth showing off, but here’s an early warning — NSFW material lurks below the gallery — so much as pixelated, covered-up nakedness counts. Both of these secrets can be encountered in the hub area of Shadow Warrior 2, Dragon Mountain, and anyone can find them if they know where to look, and which doors to phase through.

Speaking of semi-glitches, fans have already uncovered a fun way to activate unlimited slo-mo. Check out our quick Shadow Warrior 2 Slo-Mo Photo Mode Glitch Guide for all the details.

Dragon Mountain Hub – Easter Eggs

Unlike Shadow Warrior 1, this time around Lo Wang and pals have a hub village to enjoy off-time between missions. The hub is a pretty big place, with stores to visit and tons of nooks and crannies to explore. While it might seem abandoned, there are cool details you won’t want to miss. Here are just a few we’ve found so far.

How to Find the Hidden Developer Room

The pride and joy of our hero is the bar / strip club he owns called the Wang Cave. This flashy (and totally empty) establishment houses one of the earliest significant Easter eggs in the game. Go behind the stage with the empty drum set and look for a locked door.

The locked door? You can walk straight through it. On the other side, you’ll find stairs leading down into the hidden developer room — an old-school style Easter egg with a massive picture of the development team that made Shadow Warrior 2.

[Video by Youtuber teh gazmull]

Along with the Flying Wild Hog logo, you’ll also find tons of other in-jokes related to the crew. Listen, we can’t explain it all, so check out the video above or browse through the quick galley of photos below to get your developer room fix.


Old-School Shadow Warrior Sprites

We all have to admit — the original (1997) Shadow Warrior sucked. Both the remake and its sequel by Flying Wild Hog stand tall over the lame Duke Nukem 3D rip-off that was the first Shadow Warrior. And like every crappy Duke rip-off, the original Shadow Warrior featured plenty of pixelated skin for pre-teen boys to ogle.

One of those low-res sprites returns in Shadow Warrior 2.


[Image Source: Youtuber backlynx games]

Find this retro hologram on the rocky cliffs opposite the Wang Cave, to the left of the stairs leading from the statue square to your mechanic’s secret lair. There’s a ledge Wang can double jump to — turn left and double jump to another high ledge.

If you make it to the alcove, you’ll find this naked sprite just hanging out on the side. This sprite, minus the holographic distortion effects, is taken directly from the original Shadow Warrior.

Found any other worthy Easter eggs we missed? Let us know in the comments!