Gears of War 4: Get Tomato Grenades With This Campaign Easter Egg

On PC & Xbox One: Ruin Fenix’s tomatoes and hear an auditory assault of f-bombs with this over-the-top Easter egg. You’ll even get a special new grenade.


The Gears of War series is all about busting up bad guys with bombastic weaponry, but this special Gears of War 4 Easter egg is all about targeting a more benign opponent — potted plants. While exploring Marcus Fenix’s old estate, you’ll find a greenhouse that exclusively grows tomatoes. The tomato was the plant of choice for Fenix’s old pal Dom, and destroying these precious sauce-producing pots sends the elderly Fenix into a long litany of expletives. We’re being coy here, but just keep scrolling down if you’re ready to read lots of f-bombs.

The funny audio sequence isn’t the only feature — there’s also a new grenade. ‘Dom’s Toms’ is a specially-named grenade type that, naturally, tosses explosive tomatoes. The blast isn’t very wide, but you will hear a splat and see plenty of red pulp.

Check out all the details — where to unlock this Easter egg, and everything else you need to know. If you’re looking for even more Easter eggs, including an awesome insta-kill Freeze Ray, then browse through our complete¬†Gears of War 4 Easter eggs list.

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“Dom’s Toms” Grenade¬†Easter Egg

Grab yourself a handful of killer tomatoes with this Easter egg, referencing the heroes’ long-time pal Dom and spewing plenty of bad language in the process. Here’s how to make Fenix supremely pissed off, and get the goofy explosive tomato grenades.

  1. Start Act 2 – Chapter 2 and exit the mansion though the underground tunnels.
  2. Continue into the Greenhouse and clear the area of DBs.
  3. Smash every single tomato planter in the greenhouse. All of them.
    • Only the taller tomato planters matter. The smaller pots don’t count.
  4. When all the tomatoes are destroyed, Fenix will rip your squad a new one — and the ‘Dom’s Toms’ tomato grenade will spawn to the right of the exit door. Look for a tomato plant without a planter.


Now you can enjoy Fenix’s angry rants and some saucy tomato explosions. Just for fun, here’s the full rant, transcribed:

“You know how long I worked on this fucking house alone? You know what it’s like being a fucking hermit? Fixing a house? There’s no Home Depot out here, you fucking assholes. Fucking tomatoes… they fucked my tomatoes up! Goddammit! Add that to the fucking list. Goddammit! Those are Dom’s for Christ-sake’s – I grew those from Dom’s seeds. Fuck! Those are Dom’s goddamn seeds, for chrissake. I’m never gonna have another good sauce fuckin’ again. I can’t make Dom’s sauce! Fuck you guys. It’s bullshit. Fuckin’… Damon Baird, you’re a cock!” -Marcus Fenix

After that screed, don’t miss the tomato grenades! Pick up “Dom’s Toms” at the tomato plant that spawns to the right of the Greenhouse exit door.

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