Gears of War 4: Act 3 – All Collectibles & COG Tags Locations Guide

On Xbox One & PC: Find the source of a disgusting new opponent in Gears of War 4 as we progress the collectibles guide to Act 3.


Things get spooky in Act 3 of Gears of War 4, but there are still plenty of collectibles and COG tags to secure as you hunt the Hive. Set at night and taking place in the dark underground, the crew find themselves dealing with mutant pods and other scary threats. These acts crank up the tension, bringing this action-franchise one step closer to the original’s horror-shooter roots.

COG tags make a return after their absence from the previous act, and you’ll find lots of ancient collectibles as you slowly progress through the catacombs. Check out the full Act 3 locations guide here, or get even more items with the link bank below. Don’t miss out on the rest of our Gears 4 content on Gameranx.

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Collectibles & Cog Tags Locations Guide

[Work-in-Progress: Check back soon for screenshot galleries showing all collectibles locations.]

Recovering every campaign collectible in Gears of War 4 unlocks the “Completist” achievement. Finding all Cog Tags will earn you the “Remember the Fallen” achievement.

  • Note: After finding a collectible, the game will autosave. If you die, you will not have to re-collect any Cog Tags or campaign collectibles.

Campaign collectibles can refer to any number of special items and objects you’ll find while exploring the world of Old Sera — including pamphlets, documents, or other items that reveal backstory on the world.

Act 3 – All Collectibles & COG Tags

Act 3 features 3 COG Tags and 11 collectibles.

3-1: Almost Midnight

  • Collectible #23: COG ID Bracelet
    • Location: Early in the chapter, pass by the ruined cars and look down the street for a red building with an archway. Look in the bushes to the left of this building to find a small alcove with a very well hidden collectible on the ground.
  • Collectible #24: Ancient Book
    • Location: Entering the interior, you’ll face a big gross pod growth in the corner of the building. You’ll turn right to continue further — go to the end of this hallway to find a glowing collectible book on the shelf along with lots of other stacked books.

3-2: Night Terrors

  • Collectible #25: Medical Supplies Status Form
    • Location: Passing through the stable covered in infections, stop before interacting with the fallen statue blocking the way into the house. Turn left to find a pile of glowing collectible papers on the crate near the ruined greenhouse.
  • COG Tag #4: D. Nunez
    • Location: As you exit the house and step onto the balcony, a Snatcher will appear on the yellow building’s rooftop. Turn right here and look for the COG tag near the body hanging over the low wall.
  • Collectible #26: Tourist Map of Fort Reval
    • Location: Reaching the statue courtyard, look on a bench on the left behind the arches to get this tourist map.

3-3: At the Doorstep

  • Collectible #27: King Figurine Souvenir
    • Location: In the upper level of the station, go to the objective door but don’t open it yet. Instead, vault over the lower cover and circle around up to the seating area with this figurine collectible.
  • Collectible #28: Evacuation Procedures
    • Location: Entering the large battlefield with snipers and torque bow enemies, stick to the left side to enter a stone interior. There’s a poster on the wall to the left as you enter.
  • Collectible #29: Fort Reval Military Museum Pamphlet
    • Location: Moving toward the museum, you’ll encounter a turret down an alley. Stop and head up the stairs on your left before entering the turret area — up the steps, there’s a small room with a Longshot and a collectible.
  • COG Tag #5: W. Owen
    • Location: Going up and into an interior room with covered furniture and supplies, look in the back right corner of the room for a cell with a dead soldier inside. Vault over the crates to get inside and grab this dog tag.

3-4: Do Not Go Gentle

  • COG Tag #6: A. Josefson
    • Location: Dropping down through the hole in the floor surrounded by hive tentacles. Now that you’re in the catacomb, turn right and up the steps to grab this COG tag.
  • Collectible #30: Silver Age Dagger
    • Location: In the catacombs, you’ll enter a room filled with pods. The room exits to the left to a door — don’t go that way, instead look on the catacomb cover in the back-left corner to find this dagger collectible among the urns.

3-5: Elevator to Hell

  • Collectible #31: Ephyran Tribune
    • Location: Inside the large transporter, go up the stairs in the center of the unit. There’s a restroom connected to the kitchen with this collectible newspaper.

3-6: Origins

  • Collectible #32: Locust Shell Crystal
    • Location: While progressing through the mining site, you’ll encounter a massive crystal on the walkways. There’s a collectible at this crystal. It’s very hard to miss.
  • Collectible #33: Mine Scavenger List
    • Location: Deal with the Pouncers in the mines and burst through the double doors in the back-right of the passage. You’ll exit into a room filled with extra Hammer Burst ammo and tons of guns in cargo containers. To the left of the usable guns, there’s a small space where you can take a paper up off the ground.

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