Gears of War 4: Act 2 – All Collectibles & COG Tags Locations Guide

On Xbox One & PC: Continue the hunt for collectibles in Act 2 of Gears of War 4 with our locations guide.


The collectibles continue as the Gears of War 4 crew face monster storms and dangerous COG robots. This act introduces collectibles you’ll find on separate paths — much like the older Gears games, you’ll sometimes split-up and encounter enemies on different linear paths. Don’t worry, you can’t miss any collectibles, so it’s only a matter of back-tracking to get everything you need.

Check out where to get all 8 collectibles in Act 2 with the complete chapter-specific locations guide. For more, check out each Act of Gears of War 4 in the link bank below.

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Collectibles & Cog Tags Locations Guide

[Work-in-Progress: Check back soon for screenshot galleries showing all collectibles locations.]

Recovering every campaign collectible in Gears of War 4 unlocks the “Completist” achievement. Finding all Cog Tags will earn you the “Remember the Fallen” achievement.

  • Note: After finding a collectible, the game will autosave. If you die, you will not have to re-collect any Cog Tags or campaign collectibles.

Campaign collectibles can refer to any number of special items and objects you’ll find while exploring the world of Old Sera — including pamphlets, documents, or other items that reveal backstory on the world.

Act 2 – All Collectibles & COG Tags

Act 2 features 0 COG Tags and 8 collectibles.

2-1: The Prodigal Son

  • Collectible #15: Anya’s Favorite Flower
    • Location: At the start of the chapter, don’t immediately go toward the door and kick it down. Instead, check out the cemetary gate to the right. There’s a potted flower you can collect here.
  • Collectible #16: JD’s Sixth Birthday Present
    • Location: Enter the large compound through the gate. There’s a building on the right (opposite the mansion) with a small maintenance shed attached. As you step through the gate, look right and check behind that shed to find this hidden collectible.
  • Collectible #17: COG Military Academy Acceptance Letter
    • Location: Once you enter the mansion proper, look to the back-left room on the ground floor to find a collectible on the dresser. This is the room near the stairs leading down.

2-2: Geared Up

  • Collectible #18: Photo of JD and Anya
    • Location: When a chopper has your team cornered in the mansion upper floor, turn around and enter the room with the fireplace on the right. There’s a collectible on the ground near the fireplace.
  • Collectible #19: House Plans
    • Location: After escaping an encounter and ducking into the basement, avoiding the collapsing debris that blocks the steps, continue into the room filled with extra guns. The collectible is on the workbench in the left side of the room.
  • Collectible #20: Old Bottle of Wine
    • Location: At the burning wreckage of the Winery, look behind the waist-high crates on the left (facing the burning winery) to get an old bottle collectible.

2-3: Plan B

  • Collectible #21: The New Ephyran
    • Location: During the storm, you’ll get the choice to take a left or right path while fighting DBs. If you choose the right path, turn further right and look behind you to find this collectible near an old red tracter.
  • Collectible #22: JD’s Old Toy Figurine
    • Location: In the same area where you can select a left / right path, this collectible is found near the end of the left path. There’s an old truck near the end of the left-hand path. In this rusted-out wreck, look on the truck bed to find this act’s last collectible.

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