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Since the release of id software’s smash hit DOOM in 1993, the First-person-shooters genre has probably evolved into one of the most popular ones. So let’s countdown to the Top 10 fps games that had a resonating impact on the industry.

The List has been updated with Quake deservedly joining the Top 10 by popular request

#10 Bioshock Xbox 360, PC and PS3

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The atmospheric shooter from 2K Boston and 2K Australia definitely created an awe-inspiring underworld metropolis that was not only gorgeous to look at, but at the the same time was unsettling enough to give players a feeling of desolation. The game weaved a fantastic plot assisted by the serious social commentary which kept players immersed in the game at all times. The moral dilemma that the game presented was another one of the key plot elements and was also cleverly implemented in the gameplay system. Since the game also served as a wake up call for the industry at large when it was released back in 2007, it most definitely deserves a spot in the top 10 fps games of all time.

#9 Wolfenstein PC, XBL, PSN, iPhone

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Released on May 5, 1992 for the PC, it is known to many as the grand daddy of first person shooters. Wolfenstein 3D puts players in the shoes of William “B.J.” Blazkowicz who is trying to escape from Castle Wolfenstein and overthrow the Nazi regime. Although historically inaccurate, the game was and is still a treat to any FPS enthusiast.

#8 Half-Life PC

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Half-Life was probably the most ambitious first-person-shooters of the 90s, the game catapulted Valve into one of the most distinguished developers in the industry. The overall presentation, endless scripted sequences, puzzle solving aspect, and combat sequences inspired many fps games after its release. Players never actually get to see themselves as Gordon Freeman since the game has no-cutscenes and is played completely in first-person mode. An experiment at Black Mesa that went horribly wrong has done a lot of good to the FPS genre at large.

#7 DOOM PC, XBL, PSN, iPhone

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Doom was probably “the game” that made first person shooters a very popular genre, so much so that it inspired many developers to make a ton of Doom clones following its release. Fighting your way through Hell as a lone space marine has never been this fun. The game was an instant classic, the main protagonist of the game was a nameless space marine which, according to game designer John Romero, was so that the player feels more involved in the game: “There was never a name for the DOOM marine because it’s supposed to be YOU”.

#6 Quake PC

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After DOOM revolutionized the genre, Quake upped the ante by featuring some of the best 3D environments and visuals, it was also one of the few games of its kind playable over the internet rather than on a local network. In Quake, the player takes the role of an un-named protagonist sent into a portal in order to stop an enemy code-named “Quake”. It was very unfortunate that we did not include it in our list at first, but couldn’t agree more with the response we’ve got.

#5 Counter Strike PC, Xbox

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Counter-Strike the tactical first-person shooter video game developed by none other than Valve is the only game on this list that doesn’t have a single player mode. Though Counter-Strike is a mod, it still has a strong community of script writers and mod creators still pumping out good stuff. The fps in which players can join either the terrorist or counter-terrorist team or be a mere spectator, has been a big hit in gaming cafes around the world. Each team is set to complete a mission objective and/or finish off the opposing team.

#4 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare PC, Xbox 360, PS3

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If there is one game that finally took us out of the same repetitive world war based fps games, it has to be Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. The game set a new standard for military-based shooters when it was released back in 2007. With the insane amount of customization and upgrades the game had to offer in its online mode, it ended up being great experience for anyone who enjoys multiplayer online gaming. The single player mode was pretty good, but the online mode really was something other games offering online modes had to take notice.

#3 Half-Life 2 PC, Xbox 360, PS3

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This list cannot be complete without including Valve’s second iteration to the Half-Life series. Half-Life 2 which took close to 6 years in development was probably the most satisfying single player experience any fps enthusiast could dream of. The source engine, the gravity gun, amazing facial expression and simple yet clever gameplay mechanics that we expect from a Valve game were all present in one single game. From the story to every single gameplay element, anyone who buys this game just cannot be disappointed. The only good thing that can come out of having not played this game is that you don’t have to wait for Episode 3.

#2 Duke Nukem 3D PC, XBL, Playstation

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If there is one bad ass character in video games no one wants to mess with it has to be Duke. The game basically has every thing – babes, bad-ass weapons, great controls, alien invasion, humorous quotes and the dude you can always bet on, Duke. The levels in Duke Nukem 3D takes the player outdoors and indoors through rendered streets, military bases, deserts, flooded cities, space stations, moon bases and Japanese restaurants.

#1 GoldenEye Nintendo 64

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GoldenEye, released in 1997, was the real deal for the FPS genre and brought mainstream FPS games to consoles in essence. The game was an absolute smash hit selling over 8 million copies, it was adored by many for its multiplayer deathmatch modes, amazing background score, and ground breaking stealth elements for completing objectives in the single player mode. Not many would deny that the game deserves to be at the top of our list of the “Top 10 FPS games of all time.”